Friday, August 21, 2015

Introduction to my Fiancee, Fatin Afiqah. #ourSG50story

Me and fiancee infront of Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road posing with the SG50 prop at the background.

Introduction to "Our SG50 Story"

Me and Fatin met sometime during March 2015. With Singapore's golden jubilee celebrations in the background, we decided to associate our relationship with the Singapore50 initiative and branding, SG50 is considered to be our nation's most special, significant and biggest independence day celebration yet. 

At first, people thought it was a ridiculous idea. I mean, why the hell would you be associating your partner's relationship with SG50 when many government organizations, statutory bodies, private companies are so called over using the SG50 branding, even to the point where it became commercialized, overuse of the brand to make it seem that it's being endorsed for profits. I've also encountered a blog, "Simi Sai Also SG50" which pokes fun at the SG50 branding. But I believe that these people don't seem to understand the significance of the branding, Considering that this country has came a long way since 1965 to what it is today is a remarkable progress and there is no harm with being proud and patriotic with a year long initiative of celebrations and activities for its people. And FYI, you can love your country without liking your government. (Just saying....)

Partially inspired by "budak motor", "budak design", Malay weddings, and other couples we decided to build a concept and branding for ourselves based on the SG50 initiative.

Only for the year 2015 will our logo be used in tandem with the SG50 logo.
Back to me and my fiancee. We got into a relationship on 5th April 2015, and to mark the occasion, I made a logo for us based on the SG50 logo. As Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee, we mark the start of our relationship and and this logo symbolizes and reflects on the occasion. The logo also serves as a benchmark for each and every anniversary. "Our SG50 Story" statement capitalizes with the significance of the golden jubilee celebrations, acting as a backdrop to our relationship to make it stand out, special and more meaningful.
A variation of our logo specially used during our engagement. 
The logo can be modified to mark certain occasions of our relationship, as seen above, used during our engagement.
Our logo and the SG50 logo being featured on the engagement tray.
To further commemorate and highlight the branding of our relationship on social media, two hashtags are used on social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, #OurSG50Story, #FarhanFiqah

Fiancee with our customized button pins
The engagement gifts from my side featuring our logo.
The happy couple on the engagement day, 25th July 2015
We hope through this post, others will understand the meaning and significance of our logo and why is SG50 being associated with us. If those lepak under the HDB block Malays such as "budak design" and "mat motor" can have their own logos to identify themselves with, why not us? (Speaking sarcastically, no butthurt intended)

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