Thursday, August 20, 2015

Collectibles Review: SG50 Commemorative Notes and NDP Singa Figurines Limited Edition Box Set

SG50 Commemorative Notes

There's been a bunch of hype in the media for the past few weeks in regards to the SG50 Commemorative Notes. So today on the 20th of August at around 8.30 AM at a POSB Bank Bishan Central branch, I decided to queue for my very own set. Its a good thing I've arrived early as there was already a crowd or uncles and aunties already at the bank and obtained a queue number. I was told that there was a wait of roughly one and a half hours. So I went down to a local McDonald's for breakfast before returning.

The atmosphere was quite rowdy upon my return to the bank. There I had my first look from a bank teller, a free booklet to put the notes in. After another round of waiting, a some confusion over the queue numbers thanks for a latecomer infront of me, I finally got my hands on my Commemorative Notes. Looks very impressive and good otherwise.

The box that comes with the booklet
The Booklet
$50 Commemorative Note
$10 Commemorative Note
The 5 different rear designs of the $10 Commemorative Notes

Overall, the notes do look good (Fatin thinks otherwise though.. Hahaha) and compliment the current "Portrait Series" notes and the booklet adds to the presentable touch. Perhaps once I buy a house, I'm gonna display this in the display case.

NDP 2015 Singa Figurines Limited Edition Box Set

After giving much though for the past few days, I have firmly decided to get the NDP Singa Figurines Limited Edition Box Set. the day before, I researched on the Singapore Kindness Movement Facebook page on their opening hours and availability. Most of the individual figurines such as the Singa Army, Singa Air Force anNavy Singa had already sold out. So today, after I went home to drop off the Commemorative Notes booklet, I took a little nap and woke up realizing I was late for 30 minutes! 

Quickly I got onto Hidayah and proceeded to The Kindness Gallery co-located within MICA at the Old Hill Street Police Station. Once again, there was a queue ahead of me, and a man was frustrated with the staff over a damage tear at the unseen part of the box. What bothers me is that he was so rude to the staff.

The limited edition NDP Singa Figurines box set. Limited to 1000 made.
Apparently mine was set number 934.
Upon opening the box. My brain was screaming.. "WAHHH!!"
Letting them out of the box seems easy. But the figurines will NEVER leave the plastic case.
The Certificate of Authenticity, stating my set number and a NDP Singa bookmark.

The government has certainly made the effort to glorify Singapore's golden jubilee with these initiatives. I guess it's really a special moment for us considering we have came a long way. Me and Fatin are glad that we met during this special year, and associating our relationship with SG50 makes it extra special for us. Will elaborate further in future blog posts.

Now... Something that bothers me. A quick check on Carousell, people are actually selling these stuff for a premium online! Especially the Singas which are free in the first place. Understandable that collectors wanna collect all 15 designs but after collecting them, they resell them again for a premium! Even the Commemorative Notes are going for $150 and above... The hypocritical behaviour of these people, milking all the ways to make money. 

Well, regardless, glad to have gotten my SG50 Commemorative Notes and NDP Singa Figurines Limited Edition Box Set in time. Certainly worth it as stuff like these don't come often.

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