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Collectables Review: Pingat Perkhidmatan Operasi Home Team

Pingat Perkhidmatan Operasi Home Team


Firstly, I wanna congratulate a good friend of mine upon receiving this award for his involvement in the 2013 Little India Riots. I shall not elaborate further on what he did or what happened but rather pay particular attention to the award he received from the the Ministry.

I am proud to be reviewing the "Pingat Perkhidmatan Operasi Home Team" (Home Team Operational Service Medal), a newly approved medal by the President of Singapore and recently issued to 180 Home Team officers by the Ministry of Home Affairs for their involvement in the 2013 Little India Riots.


Ribbon decorations of Singapore's MG Ravinder Singh VS the US's Gen Ray Odireno.
Medals and state decorations are instituted and issued in limited quantities in Singapore unlike most countries like the United States or Malaysia where mediocre achievements such as completion of basic training, or marksmanship (Badges however are awarded for marksmanship) a medal or ribbion bar is awarded. Even common service medal such as the SAF's Good Service Medal takes five years of continuous service for regulars and two years of full National Service and three reservist high keys for one to be awarded the service medal.

One of the reasons why the state doesn't institute and issue large quantities of medals is because the county has not been involved in any wars or major incidents/disasters. The other, is that Eng Leong Medallic Industries (ELM Singapore) the state's sole and only contractor that makes the orders, decorations and service medals has a very stringent policy on the private sale of it's products. No full sized medals are ever sold on a retail basis with the exception of a limited selection of miniature medals sold to private collectors and one has to order with them to do so. The main reason for this is to preserve and maintain the dignity and prestige of the orders, decorations and service medals of the state.

The Medal

Pingat Perkhidmatan Operasi Home Team, in its included box.
As with all Singaporean medals, the name, "Pingat Perkhidmatan Operasi Home Team", is styled in Malay, the national language of Singapore, which translated to English, "Home Team Operational Service Medal" and was instituted on August 1st 2014. The medal's shape consist of somewhat a five-petalled star and made out of 529 sterling silver, most likely a mixture of copper and silver as gives out a gold color.

The inscription on the face bares the state crest with the embossed words "HOME TEAM" on the top and "SINGAPORE" in the bottom. The underside bares the map of "Pulau Ujong", the island of Singapore with the embossed words "FOR OPERATIONAL SERVICE". What is interesting to note is that the island is depicted when i was during the 60's minus the land reclamation and despite being styled in Malay, with the exception of the state crest, the medal itself doesn't feature Malay words, a departure from tradition in which state medals are usually styled and inscribed in one uniformed language. Speaking of engraving, the medal doesn't feature any engraving of the recipient's name.
Front of ribbon with the clasp and rear of ribbon with the pin.
The ribbon features three vertical stripes. A dark blue stripe flanked by two red stripes. Each stripe has a white stripe running through it. A clasp is attached to the front and inscribed with the incident in respect to which the medal is award. In this case, as the medal was awarded for the Little India Riot, the clasp is inscribed "LITTLE INDIA RIOT 2013". If a case in which a recipient is involved in another incident, and the Home Team Operational Service Medal is awarded once more, another clasp will be added instead to his current medal and a maximum of three calspes can only fill the ribbon of the medal.
The contents of the box
The miniature medal that corresponds with the full sized medal
Corresponding pin for the No 2 dress uniform
The box the medal and its accessories comes in
Alongside other medals of the police force
I specially wanna thank my friend, one of the 180 Home Team officers who received this award for his participation during the Little India Riot, for loaning me his medal box set and letting me review it as a part of my obsession for service medals and state decorations.

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