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Collectibles Review: SBS Transit MRT North East Line Train Model

Collectibles Review: SBS Transit MRT North East Line Train Model

The model and the box it comes in.


I bought this train model on impulse sometime in 2004, one year after the North East Line (NEL) MRT line opened with much fanfare in June 2003. It was sold in every NEL control station.

I remembered vividly that I bought this is Sengkang MRT station while on an outing with my ex girlfriend. Labelled as "Limited Edition", it was sold at $70. Being a huge avid collector of models, I bought this on impulse with some protest from my ex as she rolled her eyes. Given by my young age at that time, I was given an advice by the Customer Service Officer that this is just a model and strictly for display purposes and not for playing. I said I knew that and purchased it anyway.

This was one of the few models I have kept with the box and left it intact. I used to display it at my old house until I moved where it was kept in storage ever since. Today, was the day I took it out and appreciate the value of it now.

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The model is the standard rolling stock of the NEL, the Alstom Metropolis C751A in SBS Transit livery. At that time too, SBS Transit won the tender for the NEL and changed its corporate identity and image to incorporate its services as a rail operator on top of the bus services it had already been famously known for.

The box with the box sleeve, protecting the box
The box itself
Because this is a 12 year old model, the plastic had turned slightly yellow and some parts of the white plastic on the model itself has changed colors. Despite this, because this model was in storage for most of its life, the model and the box held up quite well over the years.
The model inside the box.
The card showing the information of the model
Rolling stock information.
When I first bought the model, I thought it was an EZ-Link Card. But to my disappointment upon opening it, it was a card with some information to display the model and background on the rolling stock. Each model is numbered, mine is 2199. I'm not sure how many are made but seeing that they're numbered, I assumed that only limited quantities are sold.
Left and Right face of the model, usually as view by passengers in real life.
Front and rear ends from the side. Note the detailing in the wheels.
Front end.
Back end. The opening into the interior is not covered.
Interior detailing. Over the years, the color has faded.
Model and the box in background
As the years go by, this model seems to be a great investment. A quick check on Carousell, only two are being sold at $90 plus each without boxes. As the years go by, I expect an increase in value for the model. And I'm thankful to be owning a part of the NEL's history.

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