Monday, September 7, 2015

Great Eats: Citrus by the Pool

Great Eats: Citrus by the Pool

Co-located within Woodlands Swimming Complex
3, Woodlands Street 13 (Actually located within Street 12, but it became defunct as it is a carpark)
Singapore 738600

I wouldn't say that this is a food review but rather a recommended place to get good food. First ever "review", so be kind.... Ha ha...

This great location was found by fiancee thru her Facebook search. I can thank her enough for her findings and recommendations.

A self service buzzer
The location, especially if you're not living in Woodlands, going there for the very first time and riding there is very confusing. As the address displayed was Woodlands Street 13 on Google Maps, We actually overshot the car park and had to turn back. do take note that if you're entering from Street 13, parking is free on the other end of the carpark. Just exit the barrier and walla! Free parking for motorbikes and cars.

Ordering the food is like a typical fast food restaurant fashion, where you have to go to the counter to order your meal. One main dish, comes with free canned drink that we have to help ourselves after placing our order.

I ordered, Teriyaki Chicken Pasta ($9.80) while fiancee ordered Teriyaki Chicken Rice ($8.80). We also shared a Molten Lava Cake ($8.80) for dessert.

Upon ordering our food, a self service buzzer is issued to us. But it turns out that we didn't need to collect our food but it's served to us by the staff there.

Fiancee with Teriyaki Chicken Pasta
Her Teriyaki Chicken Rice
Molten Lava Cake
As I was really, really thirsty, I finished my canned drink upon sitting down and got a Root Beer Float at $2.80. They seemed to be using Magnolia Vanilla ice cream. Our food arrived just over five minutes. Food was delicious. Chicken was soft and easy to tear. The dessert was great too, but not that spectacular although it was satisfying and filled our stomachs.

Overall, I have to say that our experience there is a positive one. The atmosphere was comfortable and modern, family friendly. Oh and there's also a loyalty card program where above every $25 spend entitles you to a cop to receive free food!

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