Sunday, September 27, 2015

Great Eats: Milk & Honey

Great Eats: Milk & Honey (Artisan Yogurt & Dessert Bar)

One KM Mall
11, Tanjong Katong Road
Milk & Honey Facebook

Soooo, me and fiancee had a chance one evening to try out Milk & Honey Frozen Yogurt Shop. Apparently, weeks earlier, we got confused with Milk & Honey Gelato at Bedok North and had to dine there instead. So finally after passing by One KM mall a few days back only to find that the Milk & Honey Frozen Yogurt Shop is there, we decided to try it out.

Milk & Honey at One KM 
Tucked away along a row of eating establishments facing Haig Road, the dessert bar is well located within public view. Those passing by and driving and going in and out of Haig Road from Geylang Road will definitely not miss it. 

The menu inside the establishment.
For customers who choose to design their own parfait.
There is an option to choose the already designated toppings from their "Signature parfait" line up or customers can choose their own toppings for their yogurt based on the size they bought. Signature Parfaits come only in one size, costing $6.80 each while designing your own parfait comes in three sizes, "petite", "moven" and "grand" (Small, Medium and Large respectively). Price and number of toppings varies with the size and additional toppings of course comes with addition costs. 

Friendly counter staff
Establishment interior
Posters depicting the toppings that goes in a Signature Parfait
Fiancee patently waiting for our order
So waiting time was approximately more than five minutes. After ordering, the staff told us our queue number and we were told to wait until our number flashed on the screen. It is self-service meaning that once our number had been called out, we had to get the yogurt at the counter rather than being send to us. Understandable, considering that the establishment was understaffed.

Chocolate Divine
Honey Velvet
Fiancee posing with the parfaits.
Have to say that the yogurt is unsweetened. Probably little to no sugar added due to the sourness upon tasting it. The sweetness comes from the chocolate syrup, honey and the little bits and chunks of toppings in the yogurt itself.
More toppings at the center of the parfaits.
The total bill for two parfaits.
Overall, I have to say that it was a nice experience dining there and eating the desserts. A bit tad expansive as I feel that one yogurt could buy a Extra value meal at McDonald's and even a meal for two at a coffeeshop plus drinks.

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