Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reflections of my Days at Temasek Polytechnic

Its been slightly less than a week since I last finished my final exam, thus officially ending my tenure as a part time student at Temasek Polytechnic. I have to say, it's finally a relieving experience to know that you have just one less liability to deal with.
Looking back and reflecting on the past two and the half years, it has been a wonderful journey and I have met all kinds of people and personalities. As I was majoring in "Diploma in Police and Security Studies" most of my classmates are working in various appointments and agencies within the Ministry of Home Affairs. Being a man wanting to have a career with the police force, they gave me great insights, personal accounts and even helped and gave me tips in regard to my potential application into the police force once again. On top of what I had learnt in school, I had gathered enough insight, experiences and information on what is happening inside the Singapore Police Force.

Being adult learners with full time jobs, responsibilities and family commitments, I really admired some of my classmates' courage and determination and the interest of continuing higher education despite the responsibilities of their personal lives. It's not easy, sacrificing personal time when already being in the uniformed groups takes away a chunk of your private life. I really look up to them and respect their perseverance.

If there is one thing I miss is that I'm no longer able to use school to get away from certain things such as reporting off early from work or not being able to work for a week due to exams. Guess now, we'll go on our separate paths and the promise of meeting or reuniting again sometime in the future may not even happen. But I'm glad for the memories I've made, the struggles we went through, the fear of your results after waiting for so long. having study groups, kidding around with each other.
Finding the answers online!!
Group case study session
Me and class commando, Kevin
Me and Rizal
After Action Review
Winson! Wake up!!
Group Study
Makam places, lost and found
Final group study photo
I'm very thankful to God, family and loved ones for this wonderful opportunity and helping me to get through my days in Temasek Poly. It wasn't easy, but we've made it thru.... Thanks for the memories.

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