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Police Related Memorabilia Part 1


Collecting of militaria memorabilia is one of my greatest passions. Being a man in uniform myself, I grew passionate about all things uniform while I was serving my National Service with the Singapore Armed Forces. I was intrigued with the variety of badges, ranks, uniforms and equipment.

Today, I'm proud to say that I boast quite a number of police related memorabilia in my collection. Proudly displaying it in my display case within my room. It would certainly be a dream for me to turn my own home to be a mini museum to showcase visitors my pride and growing collection.

This particular topic is so huge that it has to be divided into three parts. The purpose of this blogpost is to not only share my personal collections, but other police related militaria memorabilia of others that I have encounter as well. While I personally couldn't acquire them myself, I would take photographs as a keepsake and this posts complies all my findings.

It wasn't easy. But after digging my computer, external hard disks, thumbdrives and old cellphones, I manage to compile my little treasures and share them with the world. 

Please do note that some of these items belong to me while others I found and document and complied them accordingly. And they are not for sale no matter how much the offer is.

Singapore Police Force

With a heritage almost as old as the founding of modern Singapore itself, the Singapore Police Force has a wide variety of memorabilia thanks to the many transitions and changes throughout its history. Some of these items are very very rare indeed. Despite not being able to acquire the artifacts myself, a photograph of it will do just fine. Credits to the respective owners.

Straits Settlements Police Cap Badge
Polis Negara Singapura Cap Badge
Polis Di-Raja Malaysia (Lion Head) Cap Badge
Vigilante Corps cap badge. (Pasokan Pengawas Singapura)
Pre-independent Singapore Police Flag
New SPF Crest pin
Traffic Police Special Operations Team Badges, metal and embroidery 
Guard of Honor Badge for Number 1 Uniform
Special Tactics and Rescue Team Patch
More memorabilia from the 70s and 80s era.
SPF Pocket Book
Police National Service uniform in the 70s
IC number and name tag close up for PNS officers
SPF Lance Corporal eppulates. (Obselete)
Number 1 uniform shoulder board
SPF male peak cap
SPF Number 3 belts, Junior officer (Left), Senior officer (Right)
SPF 80s Era Bullet Pouch

New SPF Crest Patch

Singapore Police Force Uniforms

Policemen and women of yesteryears.
70s era police uniforms
Old SPF No 4 uniforms.
SPF Number 3 Frontline Junior Officer. Male (Left) Female (Right)
Number 3 Ladies Junior officer, with skirt. For administrative duties.
SPF Senior Officer Bush Jacket. Station Inspector and above.
Vigilante Corps Uniform
Ghruka number 3. The uniform still retains ornaments (Whistle chain and service numbers) from the 70s.
SPF no 4 uniform, Coast Guard, TRANSCOM, division.
Number 1, Ceremonial Uniform
Community Policing Unit.
SPF Traffic Police. with jacket (Left) Without (Right) 
Concept uniform

Vehicles of the Singapore Police Force

SPF Beetle patrol car in the 70s
TP motorcycle in the 90s. Honda CBX750
Patrol car of the 80s
Old Daihatsu Delta Dog truck
SPF Land Rover Defender
SPF PETRA Vehicle in the old livery
Police K9 Unit Truck
TP Gilera Runner ST200
TP Honda VFR 800
FRC in new livery
Traffic Police Volvo S80 in new livery
Police Forward Command in new livery
PETRA Ford Transit in new livery
SOC Truck in new livery
SPF Yamaha Diversion in new livery
TP breathalyzer mobile test van
Up next, in a three part special of this series, will be memorabilia related to the Auxiliary Police Forces. Link to Part 2

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