Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For Your Information: Sugru: Moldable Glue Putty

I stumbled onto this product while randomly clicking on a bunch of YouTube videos. The above is the first ever video I ever watched in regards to the product. While I was amazed by its innovation, the wide veriaty of fixes and things it is able to do on many other videos, I was discouraged from immediately getting it due to its storage life and price. I shall later elaborate on what I meant by the storage life.

A few weeks ago, thanks to the gravel and heavy rain, I skid and fell from my motorcycle, Hidayah (Yes, the bike has a name) on two separate occasions. Thankfully, by the grace of the Almighty, I wasn't injured too badly and only sustained abrasions. However the damage to Hidayah was quite an eye sore. The bike is protected by a strong stainless steel crash guard, but it wasn't enough to save the left and right flarings from the both falls.

The damage to Hidayah after skidding.
As I had fell a number of times before and changed the flarings again and again, I decided that this time, I shall not change the flarings no matter how much of an eyesore it is. Then, I stumbled onto Sugru on YouTube once more, that was when I had an idea to fix Hidayah's eyesore.
The pack of Sugru which arrived in the mail
Costing $6 a pack on a Carousell post, I decided to get only 1 pack rather than the full 8 which consist all the colors available due to the $35 price tag. The "Classic Red" pack is slightly lighter but matches perfectly.
Getting ready to fix Hidayah.
 Following the steps and videos on YouTube, I cleaned the surface thoroughly with water and clean tissue paper.
Cleaning in progress.
After cleaning, I roughly molded Sugru on Hidayah's damage areas, taking my time to mold to the correct shape and ques of the flaring before using my fingers to smooth the Sugru surface and fet rid of fingerprints with dabs of water on my fingers.
Sugru Unpacked
Rough Sugru molding on the damaged area
Expect for the color, it did look pretty good, almost restored to its former glory. I did however had some Sugru left. So I applied it on other small scratches on Hidayah and a chipped drawer wheel on my chest drawer at home.
Leftover Sugru
Chipped drawer wheel fixed!
All fixed!
24 hours later, I went to check on the fixed items. The moldable putty turned into hard rubber, the chipped drawer wheel was finally fixed and Hidayah looked pleasing once more.

The downside of this product is that it is really expensive and coupled with a short shelve life. Even though the self life is slightly more than a year and could be extended if stored in the fridge, unless I have a row of stuff to fix, being the person I am, I would only use it when needed. The good thing is that on Carousell, there are listings from sellers selling individual packs with postage included when needed.

Without a doubt, the best tool I have ever used to fix something. I will consider Sugru once more to fix more stuff. But will only buy it when needed.

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