Monday, October 12, 2015

Personal Updates: Exams Results Released and Goodbye Water Wally!!

Exams results finally released...

And I passed!! I'm graduating from Temasek Polytechnic!!!!! Finally, an achievement for me and another step closer to achieving my greatest goal.

Alhamduillah to the Almighty for everything. Especially my classmates and the people around me who lent their hand and support. Really couldn't contain my emotions right now as I'm typing this out. But sure as hell, another weight off my shoulders!

My Water Wally plushie I've had for 6 years.
So, to make space in my room I've sold off my Water Wally (The mascot of the Public Utilities Board) plushie on Carousell. I had the listing for almost 10 month already and I didn't expect that anyone would want it until recently when someone made an offer for it. After sitting in my display case since like forever, I decided that it was finally time to let it go and let someone else have it. After all, I do believe that something as rare as this is worth giving it away rather than throwing it. Before delivering it to its new owner, I took some pics as mementos for myself before finally letting it go.... Much to my sadness and disappointment.
Another angel.
The button badge on Water Wally.
Good bye, Water Wally. It was fun while it lasted.

Outside TP HQ. Course completed!

This week I also finished my course to Traffic Police Headquarters. It was an eye-opening, regimental, tiring and also a learning experience. When the course ended, I finally glad it was over so that I could finally catch up on some sleep. Good riddance!

Last packet of Korean Spicy Noodles 
Finally after months in my drawer, I finish off the last packet of Korean Spicy Noodles. I have to say that for me, I only bought it to try it out and challenged my fiancee to to the same. I actually liked the taste, but hated the spicy burn on my tongue and I didn't dare to eat it again.

Above is the video of me and Fiancee taking the spicy noodles challenge. Well, we didn't actually challenged each other but shared a bowl. Fiancee however bought and ate a few more packs by her herself and that also influenced my cousin to eat it as well. As for me, I called it quit after four packs and only ate the last one to finish it off.
My first ever meal I've prepared from scratch.
Also recently, I've started experimenting with cooking and prepared this wonderful dinner at home. It had cooked spaghetti, cheese hog dog cocktails, spicy tuna, Prego tomato sauce and pasta cheese. All pre-made and in packets but I have to say that at least its something to start with. I really liked cooking and I hope to advance in my cooking someday. as Iv't told fiancee, when we get married, i don't mind preparing western for my family given that I have full access to my own kitchen which I don't currently have the luxury now.

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