Sunday, October 18, 2015

Personal Updates: Fiancee's Graduation and My Belated Birthday Celebration

Don't give me that look... 
Firstly, I wanna congratulate mt fiancee, Fatin Afiqah for graduating from Junior College. Wishing you all the best for your A Levels my dearest.
The "Why so serious" shot and "Please get away from me as I'm in uniform" Shot.
I turned 26 years old a couple of days ago, but since Fiancee was having school on that day and I myself decided to work on that day, we decided to have a belated birthday date instead. Last Saturday itself, we got into our best dressed. I wore a shirt and tie while fiancee work a white dress with flowers on her hair.
Sweet and sour fish with rice.
Cheese fries with Japanese curry
Food #1
More food #2
More food #3
Fiancee posing with her food.
So, first stop was lunch at Eighteen Chefs at Orchard Cineleisure outlet. It was fiancee's suggestion and treat as it was my birthday. Really appreciative and thankful for her spending on me. Anyways, food arrived very quick and service was awesome. Staffs were friendly and the food was absolutely delicious. Anyways, fiancee had a surprise up her sleeve and got the staff and the restaurant to sing me "Happy Birthday" to me! I was a bit shocked and shy at first but opened up in the end while they completed the song. We were then presented a brownie with ice-cream dessert after that and ate to our hearts content.
Thanks to the manager for the photo.

Loving the food there.
After that we rushed to Suntec City Golden Village to watch "The Martian" starring Matt Damon as I made a movie booking there. We were late thanks to the parking problem we encountered at *SCAPE. But we were able to enjoy the movie. Once again, the movie didn't disappoint and we left the theater with positive vibes.

At Marina Barrage. Horrible camera quality.
We then head to Marina Barrage to chill and admire the sunset. But when we got there, it was already too dark to take photos and also quite rowdy with the PUMA Night Run being held there as the start and finishing point. In the end, when we got into the open space on the top level, the atmosphere was not that bad and we made due with what we already had.
With Fatin's siblings
And her sister.

With fiancee's family using a GoPro Hero4
After that, we rushed back to fiancee's home where Fatin's mother actually cooked laksa for the occasion. Speaking of laksa, I do love it except if it contains shellfish. Anyways.. The there was one more surprise installed. Later on Fiancee brought out a cake with lighted candles and the family sang another birthday song. Me and fiancee made a wish followed by cake cutting and eating session.

Happy 26th to me!
The "Four Shades of White of Fatin Afiqah
I have to say, this is probably the most memorable birthday I've had ever since I was 10 years old. I'm really thankful and blessed for this and I can't thank my fiancee and her family for putting this together. And Fatin, I really really love the white dress, wish you'd put on the flowers a bit longer....

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