Thursday, October 29, 2015

Personal Updates: Blog Post Number 10

No idea what title to give, so I'll just name it "Blog Post Number 10" as this is my 10th blog post.

First of all ====>>
<<==== Happy belated Back to the Future Day!!

Well, even though I'm a few days late, I couldn't help myself but to mention it on my blog. Totally the most awesome, coolest timeless classic from the 80s. I first saw the movie on Channel 5 when I was probably 8 years old. I remembered when I was much younger, probably at the age of 15 or 16, as i didn't have any money to purchase any I made DeLorean Time Machine models out of paper and cardboard. But later on at one point I did owned the 25th anniversary BTTF DVD and all three editions of the DeLorean Time Machine diecasts. But due to space constraints and other factors I had devest some of it and left with the "Part II" version of the diecast. Even a couple secondary school project influenced me from the movie and I had my younger cousins watch it.

So my fiancee is busy with her A Levels and I'm busy with my new position within the company. That's right, my new designation as an traffic outrider within the company is the Highway Traffic Marshal, a duty that we had just took over from the rival company.
Let's ride.
Basically, my role is to attend to accidents and incidents along our highways. There were some hiccups on the first and second day, given the nature of everyone in the department as we were quite new to the job. But I think we manage to pull it off.

As for my fiancee, I hope she survives her A Levels and gets the results she needs for her to go into university. She's currently going through an emotional phase, not surprisingly, considering that I was once in her shoes for my N Levels. However, I really couldn't feel the amount of stress and pressure as it is infact, a ticket into university. I have seen my NS platoonmates who had A Level cert prior to serving their military stin and after serving, they did get into local universities. Two of them were so lucky that they ended up as classmates in the same course!
My NS camp mates at HQ1SIB
Given their "lepak" nature while I knew them during NS, I didn't expect them to be university material. Guess I underestimate people's potential and what they are capable of. I remembered one of my sergeants cried because my officer threaten not to grant him off for his university interview. Not being in their shoes, they didn't know or even care how much this means to them. And reflecting back, I guess to a certain extent, I will never know the exact feeling and pressure my fiancee is facing too.

I wish and pray that my fiancee gets what she deserves. I'm sure you'll do well to get into university!

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