Saturday, October 3, 2015

Personal Updates: Settling Down in my new Position and Other Updates

So I made my move into the Traffic and Enforcement Branch (ATED) within my company in late August. Completed my On the Job Training (OJT) and managed to secure some work for the past month. I'm really thankful to Allah SWT and the people for the opportunity given to me. And so far, it has been good and going great.

I couldn't lie and say that I miss my old workplace, ST Kinetics. And I was tempted to actually go back a couple of times due to the reported lack of manpower there from my former colleagues. But due to some conflicts with the superiors there over deployment and trivial matters, I decided against it.

I've already settled down in my new position as a motorcycle outrider and I'm glad everything is over for me at ST Kinetics. I wish all my former colleagues there the very best.

Still hazy in the distance....
Suiting up for the hazy weather.
Anyways, I have been keeping my curtains drawn for the past few days due to the haze. But this morning I thought... Fuck it, it's been days since I last let natural light into my room. Anyways, the haze isn't that bad. Considering that I have never worn my mask for these past two days, and that I'll only wear it when I can smell the burning smell in the air and the haze is as thick till you can only see silhouette of the buildings.
Breakfast nuggets
For the past few months, I have been eating Spicy Chicken Nuggets from NTUC Fairprice for breakfast everyday. I know that its not healthy, but being frugal I'm doing my best to save every penny I have to spend it on better things. Guess it's somewhat contradicting, but I don't even know myself sometimes. Hahaha..

However, I do try to keep it as healthy as possible. I would use the oven and bake them instead of frying it at the frying pan and use tissue to absorb all the oil after its cooked. Plus, as seen in the photo, I decided to experiment by adding cheese and it turned out great!
Favorite book and chocolate!
Being a huge fan of toponyms, I've finally bought this book that I stumbled online on Google Books while doing my online research for my articles. In my preference for physical books rather than reading it through the computer, I got this book from Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City for $40.00. The book gives a brief but detailed description on how and where the road or place name came to be.

As for the chocolate.. Well, I love this chocolate because its sweet and fun to eat thanks to the small pellet shape.
She loves the seaside!
Good stuff at Adam Food Center
So one day, me and fiancee spend an evening at the beach. I have to admit, I was rather distracted by the sight of plastic bottles and styrofoams on the sand. Followed by a meal at Adam Food Center. Oh and please do not fall for these touts wanting your business. Do look around and look at the signs boards to find what you want before placing an order. We had to politely tell off a man he appellantly got our order wrong and misheard "Holicks Shake " for "Orange Shake" as he could only offer us fruit milkshakes.

Thats all from us, Farhan and Fiqah.. #OurSG50Story

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