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Home Team Festival 2015

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Entrance into Home Team Festival 2015 at hall 3
For months, I have waited and marked down the dates on my organizer. And finally, the day arrived. 13th November, the first day of the Home Team Festival 2015.

A sign emulating a HDB precinct estate,
Held once every two years, this year's Home Team Festival coincidence with the Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedics Challenge 2015 (SGFPC) and the Home Team Strongman Challenge 2015. It is held over 3 days, 13th, 14th and 15th. I went with fiancee on the 13th and by myself on the 14th. To be honest, the main motivation for going there of for me to obtain rare and limited edition collectibles being given out at the exhibition.

What I'm basically here for....
Making sure she has the right photo.
The bag the goodies came in.
Some of the freebies received.
My favorite of all, 4th Gen LFAV model and HT officers figurines.
As for this year's SGFPC, the model is a 4th Gen Light Fire Attack Vehicle. Which I must add, is my favorite design out of all the other generations of the LFAV. For this year, rather than answering a question, we had to pose and take a photo with a LFAV and post it on any social platform.

Safe Neighborhood

Mock Resident's committee, with a short featurette on how the community is actively engaged 
Mock up of a automated NPP, with electronic police kiosks for making police reports
Community Policing Unit bicycle.
Me trying out to be a host for Crimewatch. (Didn't do too good)
Mock Street signs 
Hyundai Elantra FRC in new livery 
SCDF Fire Bike AKA Red Scorpion
Another of SCDF's assets, a mobile Station With Immediate First-Aid Treatment truck.
An SCDF Ambulance.
SPF Scene of Crime Van
SOC Fire Retardant Attire
I was given a chance to try out the new load bearing vest officers will soon wear....
New tactical uniform on display.
Myself trying out the vest
And also pose with our Police Tactical Troopers!
Me and the PTT boys!
Safe Neighborhood showcases the current and future equiptment that the police force is using. I also had a brief talk with an SCDF officer about AEDs. (automated external defibrillators) Currently a pilot project is going on in Tampines, but by 2017 all AED units will be installed on all HDB blocks. Training is also provided to use this AEDs in a form of community engagement thru RCs and Community Centers.

Also I had my tried my hands on using the Electronic Police Center, which is basically a computer, used as a platform to make police reports. If you're shy to come to face with a policeman, this would be a great platform to use. soon to be implemented in NPPs island wide.

Fiancee's favorite...
Firefighting section for kids and adults.
Oh and did I mention and fiancee had a chance to shoot a MP5 rifle and fight a burning fire on a hood of a car? Glad she's trying out and experiencing new things.

Home Team Memory Lane

Entrance into the HT Heritage and firearms display.

Lee Enfield Rifle Display
A 1800s era police gong to disperse rioters
S&W 38. Oldest weapon and longest serving in SPF
Home Team's involvement through the years.
List of major incidents and their dates.
Emergent state.
Police logsheet, PNS service bars and riot helmet on display.
Old uniforms on display, from left to right, SFS, SCDF, SPF, Immigrations and Prisons
Old SFS Merryweather Turntable Ladder
The signboard next to the old fire truck
Old Volkswagen Beetle Patrol Car
Fiancee posing next to the car.
This section showcases the Home Team's heritage, old memorabilia, equipment and vehicles. Major incidents that we all know too well are also being featured. My favorite is probably the old Volkswagen and Merryweather Fire Truck.

Border Security

This section showcases on how mainly Immigration and Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) operations on how they secure the checkpoints and border protection.
Progression on Singapore Passports
Up Close
Provisional passport and passport after full independence.

A show car on how contraband is smuggled
Contraband cigarettes in the hood.
So there is this vehicle with the interior ripped apart to show contraband is smuggled into Singapore. From drugs, to animals and cigarettes, there are many ways oh how the ICA counter these efforts by smugglers.

Me and an ICA officer.
Next gen hybrid turnstiles for immigration clearance.
Also featured is the next gen hybrid turnstiles. While during normal operations with less crowds, officers can manually do the clearance. When during peak hours, it can be converted into automatic clearance for faster immigration clearance.

Maritime capabilities of the SPF and SCDF
Model PCG vessels on display. 
An actual SCDF vessel on display.
Also featured are the maritime security operations by the SCDF, SPF's PCG and ICA Coastal Command. Together they form the backbone of our coastal and straits security.

Reintegration and Community

Singapore Prisons Service Booth
Crest of the SPS
Misson, vision and core values of the SPS
Prison Bus
View from the back
Fiancee inside one of the cells
Mock up of a typical prison cell
Thoughts and motivation for a convict to reintegrate back into society
Prisons' officer number 4 uniform
Me and our friendly Prisons officers
We were given a chance to write motivational captions on little yellow ribbon cards in exchanged for bookmarks made and captioned by the inmates.
Motivational captions for the convicts.

Emergency Preparedness

Fiancee's favorite section of the exhibition. Thanks to the hunky and friendly SCDF Firefighters.

Fiancee with a SCDF Firefighter and Paramedic.
And the macho DART officers....
Closest to driving a fire truck.
She really loves everything red!!

SCDF HAZMAT Truck on display
SCDF Bush Firefighting Vehicle.
A tremor simulator, AKA, "Tremoulator"....
This part of the exhibition mostly showcases the assets of the Home Team, in particular, the vehicles and other specialized gadgets.  

SPF's PETRA in new livery.

Launch of the 5th Generation Light Fire Attack Vehicle (LFAV) AKA Red Rhino

Fiancee with the 4th Gen Red Rhino. Do ignore the fireman photobombing the photo.
The 4th gen LFAV was launched in 2014 during the last year's edition of the Singapore Global Firefighters and Paramedic's Challange (SGFPC) 11 of these are made and currently serving in the various fire stations.
4th Generation Red Rhino
I personally feel that the overall design is inspired by a Chevrolet. I honestly liked the design of the 4th generation,
5th Gen Red Rhino
This was the best photo I could get given the interference of people walking by and disturbing my shot and also the big spotlight shining on the vehicle.

The 5th gen LFAV looks much more like a Range Rover Sport. Probably inspired from it as well.

But the biggest treat for me for this year's Home Team Festival is......

Crimewatch hosts, INSP Baizurah. (I'm no sure who is to the right)

And DSP Jessica Ang and Madeleine Low 
And SPF Celebrity, SUPT Chan Keekeong
Met some of SPF officers that appeared on our local TV. Including Crimewatch hosts, INSP Baizurah, DSP Jessica Ang and DSP Madeleine Low. Also SUPT Chan Keekeong, famously known for his portrayal of Director of CID in MediaCorp Channel 8 series, CLIF 2.

Fiancee prefers sitting inside the car...
While myself, I'd like to recreate old photos.
I have to say that this year's edition of the Home Team Festival isn't much of an eye opener. Maybe its because I've been to so many exhibitions, seminars and festivals organized by the Home Team. So basically I have seen everything and know what already has need to been known. Not the fault of the Home Team and the officers organizing it. They did a great job!

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