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Malay Road Toponyms 4

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Jalan Afifi
  جالن عفيفي

Home to Certis CISCO, a well known security company, Jalan Afifi is located off Paya Lebar Road. The original name of the road is "Jalan Yahya Afifi" but was shortened to "Jalan Afifi" sometime later. The road was named in 1952 by the Municipal Commissioners in honor of Shail Yahya Afifi, himself a former Municipal Commissioner of the town of Singapore.

Jalan Awang
     جالن اوڠ

Jalan Awang is located off Jalan Eunos. Awang meaning friendship is usually used as a name for Malay boys and usually, the first born son.

Jalan Daud
   جالن داود

Daud is a name for Malay boys. Daud or David is also the name of one of the 25 Prophets of Islam. Jalan Daud can be accessed through Lengkong Tiga.

Jalan Hussien
    جالن حسين

Jalan Hussien is located off Lorong Marzuki within the former Jalan Eunos Malay Settlement. Fanked by private housing, Hussien is translated to Little beauty in Arabic.

Jalan Ishak
  جالن اسحاق

Jalan Ishak is located on what was once know as the Jalan Enuos Malay Settlement. Ishak in Malay can be used as a name of a male person or the prayer time "Isha'a" in English. It has also been said that the road was named after Ishak Ahmad, father of Singapore’s first President, Encik Yusof Ishak. Ishak Ahmad became the first non-European to assume the position of director at the Fisheries Department in the 1920s.

Jalan Ismail
 جالن اسماعيل

Located off Jalan Eunos and the former namesake Malay Settlement, Jalan Ismail today serves as an address for the private houses there. A mosque is also located there, Masjid Al-Abdul Razak. Ismail is the name of one of the 25 Prophets of Islam. It is also a name for a male person.

Jalan Kechot
   جالن كچوت

Jalan Kechot is located off Jalan Eunos. Kechot, also spelled as "kecot" is a name for a Male person. In Indonesian, kecot means difficult, while in Malay its an informal term for something that has reduced in size.

Jalan Kembangan
       جالن كمبڠن

Jalan Kembangan was officially named in 1932. Kembangan is the Malay word for "expansion". It is also used to describe a blooming flower. Jalan Kembangan also spawned off an MRT station, a small lane, a shopping mall and the area around it. Kampong Kembangan, a former Malay kampong was also located in the area.

Jalan Lye Kwee
   جالن لياي قوي

It is not known who or what Jalan Lye Kwee is named after. But upon research, Lye Kwee appears to be a name of a person. Jalan Lye Kwee is located off Upper Serangoon Road.

Jalan Nuang
    جالن نوڠ

Naung in Malay refers to a shelter or any shady place to protect one from the sun. Jalan Naung is located off Upper Serangoon Road, housing several private houses there. The road first appeared on maps in 1969.

Jalan Payoh Lai
    جالن ڤايوه لاي

A much longer road back in the day. Located off Upper Serangoon Road, Jalan Payoh Lai means "Swamp Road" in Hokkien.

Jalan Rahmat
    جالن رحمة

Rahmat means mercy in Arabic. Usually a designated for a male person. Jalan Rahmat is located between Jalan Yasin and Jalan Kechot.

Jalan Rengkam
     جالن ريڠكم

Jalan Rengkam is located along Upper Serangoon Road, north to Tampines Road. Rengkam is a species of seaweed. The road currently houses eateries and private landed housing.

Jalan Sam Kongsi
    جالن سم كوڠسي

Jalan Sam Kongsi, was a long sandy road that started from Tampines Road and ended at Jalan Bumbun Selatan, near to where Bedok Reservoir is now. Only a short portion survived today and tipper trucks used the road as parking space. After extensive research, I couldn't find the exact meaning behind the name "Sam Kongsi". I presumed that the name came from a Chinese clan or association as "Kongsi" means "Company" in Chinese.

Jalan Yasin
    جالن يسٓ

The land on which Jalan Yasin is currently on was previously designated as Jalan Eunos Malay Settlement. Today, it is a private estate with terrace and semi-detached houses. Jalan Yasin is named after Surah Yasin, the 36th chapter in the Quran. Yasin can also be used as a name for girls.

Lorong 1 Realty Park, Lorong 2 Realty Park, Lorong 3 Realty Park, Lorong 4 Realty Park, Lorong 5 Realty Park, Lorong 6 Realty Park, Lorong 7 Realty Park
لوروڠ 1 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 2 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 3 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 4 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 5 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 6 ريالتي ڤرق، لوروڠ 7 ريالتي ڤرق

Lorong 1 to Lorong 7 Realty Park is located within the namesake Realty Park, a private residential estate located in Hougang off Upper Serangoon Road. The road numbering system of Realty Park is similar to Toa Payoh Estate given that during the 60s, preference was given to name roads in Malay but with less racial overtones. Hence Lorong 1, 2, 3 ect was used for some newly built landed-housing estates at that time. Some of these private estates had the roads renamed to English suffixes. The Lorongs at Realty Park are one of four surviving estates to bare this numbering system. The other estates that currently bare this numbering system are Changi, Geylang, and Toa Payoh.

Lorong Batawi
   لوروڠ باتوي

Located somewhere along Upper Serangoon Road, Lorong Batawi is a small lane flanked by private housing. Batawi, currently spelled as "betawi" is Malay for arrowroot.

Lorong Kembangan
       لوروڠ كمبڠن

Located off Jalan Kembangan and bordering on the boundary of Jalan Senang Estate, Lorong Kembangan is flanked by private housing.

Lorong Low Koon
   لوروڠ لوو كواون

Lorong Low Koon previously housed a village. I couldn't really identify any source to the actual meaning behind the name, but "Low Koon/Loh Koon" is translated to "Doctor" in Hokkien. The road first appeared on maps in 1961, Currently, Holy Innocents Primary School can be accessed from here.

Lorong Marican
    لوروڠ ماريچن

Situated in the area formerly known as Jalan Eunos Malay SettlementLorong Marican is named after a family surname. The road is flanked by private houses.

Lorong Melayu
    لوروڠ ملايو

Lorong Melayu or Malay Lane in English is located on what was formerly known as Jalan Eunos Malay Settlement. It used to be spelt as "Lorong Malayu" as depicted on old maps. It is also interesting to note that Malay Street, another expunged road in the Bugis area is still preserved in Bugis Junction Shopping Mall.

Lorong Mydin
  لوروڠ مايدين

Mydin is a Malay name for male persons. The road is split into two sections. One off Changi Road, while another off Sims Avenue East. The road today is flanked by private housing.

Lorong Salleh
   لوروڠ صالح

Salleh is a name for a male person. Located off Jalan Ishak, Lorong Salleh is located on what was once the Jalan Eunos Malay Settlement. The road is flanked by private residential houses. Lorong Salleh was built sometime in 1954.

Lorong Sarina
   لوروڠ سارينا

Lorong Sarina is split into two sections. A shorter one off Changi Road, and another section off Sims Avenue East. Sarina, also spelled as "Sharina" is a Malay name for a female. the road currently serves as an address for private housing.

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