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Malay Road Toponyms 7

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Getting in too deep into this and there is no stopping now. Here is part 7 of the series.

Jalan Bahtera
     جالن بهترا

Jalan Bahtera is located off Lim Chu Kang Road. The track is currently unpaved and no street sign bares the name "Jalan Bahtera", but it appeared on maps as stated. Bahtera is used to describe a large sailing ship. There are also sister tracks named after ships, Jalan Kapal and Jalan Peharu. But these tracks are located with the restricted areas of the SAF live-firing areas.

Jalan  Gemala 2
جالن ڬيملا 2

Jalan Gemala Dua

Jalan Gemala 3
3 جالن ڬيملا      

Jalan Gemala Tiga
Gemala in Malay literally means "Magic Jem", a stone that brings health benefits. Jalan Gemala 2 and Jalan Gemala 3 is located off Neo Tiew Avenue. Both roads are off limits to the public. Jalan Gemala 3 appears to be abandoned and expunged as it is no longer depicted on maps. Sidenote, this numbering system is usually found on roads in Malaysia, making these two roads the only roads in Singapore to feature this numbering system.

Jalan Hitam Manis
    جالن هيتم مانيس

Hitam Manis literally translates to "Sweet Black" in English. But it is actually taken to mean "Fine Light Brown", usually the color of skin. Jalan Hitam Manis is located within Chip Bee Gardens, a private housing estate within Holland Village. The road together with the estate first appeared on maps in 1966

Jalan Kelabu Asap
    جالن كلابو اسڤ

Jalan Kelabu Asap is located within Chip Bee Gardens. In Malay, kelabu asap is the color of smokey gray. The road is flanked by 60s - 70s era landed houses, with some being renovated to today's styles and designs. The road is depicted on 1966 maps. In the URA Masterplan 2014, the road is no longer depicted on the map and may be in danger of being expunged.

Jalan Kuning
   جالن كونيڠ

Kuning is Malay for Yellow. Built sometime in the 60s, Jalan Kuning is located within Chip Bee Gardens, or as I would have preferred to call, "Taman Wrana" as its sister roads are also named after colors.

Jalan Lam Huat
    جالن لم هوات

Located off Kranji Road, Jalan Lam Huat was named after a former pineapple factory located there.

Jalan Lempeng
       جالن لمڤڠ

Jalan Lempeng is located off Clementi Avenue 6. The road is named after a particular Malay pancake known simply as "kueh lempeng". The road currently has condominiums within the vicinity,

Jalan Merah Saga
    جالن ميره ساڬ

Like its sister roads in Chip Bee Gardens, Jalan Merah Saga is named after a particular color in Malay. Merah saga refers to the color red found on saga seeds. The road together with the estate first appeared on maps in 1966 and private houses built there have been observed with 60s architecture.

Jalan Murai
  جالن موراي

First depicted in 1966 maps, Jalan Murai is located off Lim Chu Kang Road. It's currently an access road into Murai Urban Training Facility, an urban ops training ground of the Singapore Armed Forces. The road also spawned "Murai Farmway". Jalan Murai is named after a bird called burung murai or oriental magpie-robin in English.

Jalan Puteh Jerneh
     جالن ڤوته جرنيه

Spelled in the older spelling of "putih", Jalan Puteh Jerneh is located within Chip Bee Gardens, a private estate in Holland Village. Puteh Jerneh is Malay for "clear white". Like all other roads within the estate, it follows a theme of roads named after colors and was built sometime before 1966

Jalan Rumia
   جالن روميا

Jalan Rumia is located within Chip Bee Gardens. Rather interesting that is is named after a tree rather color as all other sister roads within the estate are name after colors. It could be used to describe the color of plum mango. Like all other roads within the estate, it was build sometime before 1966.

Jalan Teck Whye
   جالن تچق وهياي

There was previously a school, Jalan Teck Whye School, located in the area. It has since merged with the Bukit Panjang Malay School and renamed to Teck Whye Primary School and relocated. Jalan Teck Whye today is an address for a post office building and the HDB estates there. The road also spawn other roads using English suffixes and an LRT station, all located in Teck Whye neighborhood of Bukit Panjang.

It is interesting to note that most of the roads in Bukit Panjang town use Malay names but with English street suffixes. Upon research, these roads are named after the former kampong tracks (Jalan Fajar, Lorong Bangkit, ect) in the area. Jalan Teck Whye is the sole remaining road to bare the original name and survive the redevelopment of Bukit Panjang.

Lorong Danau
    لوروڠ دانااو

The road is located off Nayang Avenue. Lorong Danau today is an access road into the SAF live firing area. Danau is described in Malay to be a wide reservoir.

Lorong Liput
  لوروڠ ليڤوت

Lorong Liput is located in Holland Village off Holland Avenue. The road is located in Holland Village and first appeared on maps in 1966. Liput in Malay is to describe "to cover something". The road plays host to the eating establishments there.

Lorong Mambong
     لوروڠ ممبوڠ

Mambong, currently spelled as "mambung", is Malay is used to describe something that is dry with no filling inside, such examples would be bread. Lorong Mambong is located within Holland Village and serves as an address for the shophouses there. The road is first depicted on maps in 1966.

Lorong Rusuk
  لوروڠ روسوق

Located off Lim Chu Kang Road near Lim Chu Kang Camp, Lorong Rusuk serves as an entrance and exit into the restricted area of Old Lim Chu Kang Road. Rusuk can mean a variety of things in Malay. Most commonly described as the side of something such as, chest, door, paper, ect. It can also mean to place something on the side of your body, such as a rifle, hence, the Malay military command "rusuk senjata". The road first appeared on maps in 1969.

Lorong Serambi
    لوروڠ سرمبي

Lorong Serambi is located off Old Lim Chu Kang Road near Tengah Airbase. Serambi is described to be a long corridor or platform. Other expunged roads in the area seem to be named after building fixtures as well, including Lorong Pintu, Lorong Tingkap, Lorong Ensel, and Lorong Pahat. These roads are depicted on 1969 maps.

No longer depicted in maps since 2014, I advice caution on coming here as it is gazetted as a restricted area as of 2011.

Lorong Tawas
   لوروڠ تاوس

Lorong Tawas was a track leading to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle and Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. Used to be accessed from Jalan Bahar, a large section has since been expunged due to the construction and development of Cleantech Loop. "Bedak Tawas" or English for "Alum Powder" is made from a mineral salt used to treat small minor sores.

Taman Nakhoda
      تامن نخودا

Taman Nakhoda is located off Holland Road. It is used as an access road into Villa della Rose condominium. Nakhoda refers to a captain or the one in command of a vessel or ship in Indonesian.

Taman Wrana
      تامن وران

Taman Wrana is located within Chip Bee Gardens, a high end private residential estate in Holland Village. Taman Wrana literally translates to "Color Gardens" in Malay. Its sister roads are also named after colors in Malay.

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