Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Personal Updates: 6th Blood Donation

On the 1st of November, I did a couple of things. Did my 6th blood donation and went to the police exhibition at the former Police Pearls Hill Headquarters. This will be separated into two parts.

The main reason why I want to donate blood started sometime last year, when I decided to make a change to my life and focus more on helping other and doing my best to contribute to society. After much thought, I decided to donate blood and have been doing it without fail continuously, for every three months when my body has recovered enough to let whole blood be drawn out.

For the first time I went to the Bloodbank@HSA. And from my personal experience, the service was not great as compared to Bloodbank@Woodlands, the ones I went to the previous times. However, I shall not elaborate on what happened.
The former logo of the "Blood Transfusion Service"
Interestingly, there is a Hall of Honor for those who made 50 donations during the 70s and 80s decorated on the Bloodbank's walls. Upon research, the organization that runs the Bloodbank is currently known as the Blood Transfusion Group. While the logos depicted here state "Blood Transfusion Service" as I assumed it was previously known. I also like the motto depicted on the crest, "Perkhidmatan dan Keselamatan" (Malay for "Service and Safety").
Awaiting for my blood to be drawn.
There was actually a few people having their blood drawn, but I had to wait for awhile before I got tended to. As it was my 6th time, I didn't really feel nervous or anything. But as always I did get a slight pain upon injection of the anesthetic. (Face it, I'm not a freaking hero. Getting shots is painful, so I'm just being truthful about it)
After 7 minutes, I'm done!
Finally, 6th donation after a week of delay thanks to work.
Post donation sandwich, cookie and milo.
Actually, the thing that motivated me to try out the Bloodbank@HSA is to try out the meal they give after the donation. Well.... The meal was okay.... But I actually preferred the freeflow of drinks and biscuits at the other bloodbanks rather than this one time meal entitlement.
Souvenirs from my previous donations.
5th Donation medal.
Probably the last time I'll be coming there. So yeah.... Will update on my experience at the Former Combined Operations Room Exhibition soon!

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