Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Computer has been giving a lot of problems these past few weeks. For some reason after upgrading to Windows 10, there has been more problems than there is conveniences for me. It has been a regretful decision for me to have clicked on that prompting "update to Windows 10" button on the screen. But I guess I couldn't be turned back and I do look forward to replacing this laptop real soon.

In the meantime, in light to these computer problems, I have decided to upload some of my photos and memories on the blog as a keepsake as I fear that someday, my future laptops, external hard drives and other back-up storage devices may fail me.

Kindergarten Class Photo

You can really see who is the stubborn one in the photo.
I found this picture while cleaning up my computer and guess what, this was me during kindergarten. As I recalled, I was only sent to K1 and went to primary 1 after that for unknown reasons. The kindergarten I went to was Kindergarten Masjid Hajjah Rahimabi Kebun Limau, a mosque near Kim Keat Road at Balestier.

Old Nokia Cellphones

The phones I used to own.
From left to right, Nokia 1220, Nokia N95, Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, Nokia 205, Nokia N9 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

I was a loyal Nokia fanboy probably till the almost very end before they adopted the Microsoft Mobile OS and ever since then, it went downhill from there. The Nokia N9 was the last Nokia phone I ever owned and I bought it simply because of the name. It was a great phone. The camera was awesome, the MeeGo OS was fluid and the phone is nice to use. But it lacked the apps and other advantages that Android and Apple phones have. After a few months of using, I was already bored with the phone and finally jumped ship into Android by buying the Galaxy S2. The N9 investment was a bad one as I bought it without contract for $800 and sold it off to the Bedok Cash Converters for $90.

As for the other phones, in order to make room, I donated it to the Salvation Army, thanks to my attempt to be a minimalist and owned fewer things.

Secondary School Class Photos

CPA Assignment
Another golden memory found in my computer. This was one of the few keepsakes I have of my secondary school class. I wasn't really close and didn't really mix well with them. I recalled doing this assignment during secondary two during the first month of school in January. Those days, I sported a "rambut jambul" look, typical of the trend of those days. I tried to get as much photos into this one printed page as possible, but for some reason, the edges were cut off and not printed. Ohhh... Sweet memories of my secondary school class!

Former "Rock" Band. Audiopilots/Back to the Disaster

I remembered sometime in secondary 2, I used to be in a "rock band". We started with 4 members, myself, best friend Ashraf, Shahril and Ariff. Me and Shahril go wayy back since East View Primary, but since the band, it was me and Ashraf that became my best friend and still going strong till today.

Anyways, it was motivated in secondary one when Shahril let his intentions to me that he wanted to start a band. It became a reality when in the following year, I started mixing with people out of my class (I was in normal technical, the rest was in normal academic). In our first roles, I was supposed to be a rhythm guitarist, Ashraf the bassist, Ariff the drummer and Shahril the lead guitarist and singer. But we switched when Ariff struggled to read drum chords and myself unable to play the guitar at all. And myself and Ariff switched roles.

Soon, we first covered the song "The Girl that the Bad Guys Want" by Bowling for Soup. Since then we also covered songs from Green Day, Fall Out Boy and other popular and "in" rock bands at that time.

"Back to the Disaster", Prom 2006
Sadly, it didn't last long with Shahril. Me and the rest of the guys had some fall outs with him and he was soon kicked out from the band he formed himself. We then brought in another guy, Farhan Suhaimi. This time the line up consists of Ashraf, the singer and bassist, Farhan Suhaimi the lead guitarist, Ariff the rhythm guitarist and myself the drummer. The band was also renamed to "Back to the Disaster", after the lyrics in "Memory" by Sugarcult.
Military style pose.
Our first performance is probably prom 2006, when we covered "Memory" on stage in front of the graduating class. We were then thinking big, hoping to perform in Baybeats at Esplanade and other gigs. For a short while, I brought in another friend of mine, Syera, as our singer.

Formal shot....
Informal shot.....
But then soon, we had our own internal problems. For some reason, we couldn't agree on what songs we wanted to cover and I was criticized for my song choices and for not learning the other guys song choices. Other commitments and schedule conflicts soon arise and we disbanded soon after and that was like when the guys graduated after like one year from secondary school.

My Last Wendy's Meal

The Wendy's outlet at Lau Pa Sat, February 2015.
I love Wendy's. Ever since they opened sometime in 2010s they opened an outlet here. my favorites are the Spicy Chicken Burger and their specialty, Chili Cheese Fries. But sadly, they didn't last too long and they closed their Century Square outlet early 2015. Nobody suspected anything until another store closed down a few months later. News actually came out that Kopitiam, Wendy's franchiser in Singapore was looking to sell their franchise but to no avail. That wast when rumors started spreading on the internet that Wendy's was closing down in Singapore.
The entrance into the former Wendy's Lau Pa Sat outlet.
So I decided to make a trip to Wendy's for one last time. Sadly. by that time, only two outlets were left, one at Lau Pa Sat and the other at University Town. The menu only consists of Baconators and Fish Burgers at that time as they had already sold off the rest and are not replenishing stock.
The last Wendy's meal I had in Singapore
With a heavy heart, I bought a meal for myself and a takeaway for my fiancee. I was quite surprised that she never ate Wendy's before. After my meal, I thanked the staff and took a photo with them as a keepsake before delivering the food to my fiancee.
With the friendly Wendy's staff

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