Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Masterpiece Collectibles' SCDF LFAV and PL Models

Collectibles Review: Masterpiece Collectibles' SCDF Light Fire Attack Vehicle and Pump Ladder Models

Finally! Post number 50!! Few months back, on the 25th of September, I collected my SCDF Light Fire Attack Vehicle or the affectionately known "Red Rhino" by Singaporeans. 

SCDF Light Fire Attack Vehicle (Closed Top, New Livery)

LFAV model in the box
Inside it's plastic case
Still in the packaging.
The model is based on the first generation of the LFAV that was released in 2000. Masterpiece Collectibles came up with two liveries of this model, the new and the old. I bought the new one with the current livery. In commemoration of SG50, only 50 limited edition examples of the current closed top livery are made. However, the open top one is still available. But due to budgetary reasons, I only bought one as I felt that the current livery would suit my collection well.

Front and back view
Side profile
The DIY decal set for the call sign number.

Miscellaneous Detailing

Roof detailing
Roof detailing
Front detailing
Rear detailing
Rear detailing
Hoses and equipment detailing.

SCDF Pump Ladder Model

SCDF Pump Ladder model inside the display case.
It is a model of the Scania P270 Pump Ladder used by the SCDF. The license plate is XD5993X  but the actual call sign is 141 from Jurong Island Fire Station, not 151 because I had messed up the 141 decals on the DIY decal sheet. Also, I had a lot of trouble removing it from the plastic casing that I opened it too hard and it damaged the left mirror of the model. The mirror did fell apart, but I was able to put it back, but unfortunately, it was an eyesore. The damage had been done and disappointingly moved on. 

Once again, the model is VERY VERY fragile. Please handle with lots of care.

Front and Back
Side profiles.
The livery is the new livery but lacking the battenburg patterns on the front because the actual SCDF PLs added those battenburg patters at a later stage, when Masterpiece Collectibles was about to release the model. 

Miscellaneous Detailing

Cab detailing
Roof detailing
Cab side detailing.


LFAV and PL model side by side
As the the two fire fighting vehicles are released later than the ambulances, the LFAV and PL is more detailed. You can really see the fineness in the lines, the equipment and hoses on the back of the LFAV, the ladders and other paraphernalia on the PL roof.  It's safe to say that Masterpiece Collectibles has progressed further with each and every new model released from them. However, I want to highlight that the models are still extremely fragile. I hope Masterpiece Collectibles will do something the make the models more robust and stronger. It really hurts that it damages easily despite the premium price we're paying.

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