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Malay Road Toponyms 10

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Currently on vacation in Kuala Lumpur now. But the project doesn't take a break until I document all the roads names in Singapore.

Jalan Asas
  جالن اساس

Jalan Asas is located in Fuyong Estate, a private residential estate filled with 50s era houses. Asas is Malay for "foundation". The road first named and built in April 1958.

Jalan Berseh
  جالن برسيه

Located off Jalan Besar, Jalan Berseh is famous for the hawker center along the road. Berseh is the older spelling of "bersih" which means "clean" in English

Jalan Dermawan
     جالن درماوان

Jalan Dermawan serves as an address for the private houses along the road within Hillview Estate. "Dermawan" in Malay means "philanthropist" or "benefactor". The road first appeared on maps in 1969.

Jalan Emas Urai
   جالن امس اورا

Located in Chestnut Estate, Jalan Emas Urai is flanked by private houses. Emas Urai means "gold dust" in Malay.

Jalan Gumilang
    جالن ڬوميلڠ

First appearing on maps in 1969, Jalan Gumilang is located within Hillview Estate, a private residential estate. Gumilang, spelled as "gemilang" is used to describe a bright light. In particularly, it is used to describe ones success. The Malaysian flag is also named "Jalur Gemilang", meaning "Stripes of Glory"

Jalan Intan
   جالن اينتن

Jalan Intan is located within Hillview Estate. Intan is a term used to described an unpolished diamond. It is also a name for a female person. The road first appeared on maps in 1963.

Jalan Istimewa
   جالن ايستيميوا

Jalan Istimewa, a minor dead end lane, is located off Jalan Jelita, at Holland Road. Istimewa is Malay for "special". The road is flanked by private houses.

Jalan Jelita
  جالن جيليتا

Located off Holland Road, Jalan Jelita serves as an address for the private houses there. A Cold Storage nearby is also named "Cold Storage Jelita", after the road. Jelita can mean the Corchorus capsularis plant or translated to "lovely" in English.

Jalan Kebaya
     جالن كبيا

Jalan Kebaya is located deep within Holland Grove Estate and is the only road there to bare a Malay name in the area. Kebaya refers to a traditional dress worn by Malay women.

Jalan Pakis
  جالن ڤقاس

Jalan Pakis is located within Cashew Estate, a private residential estate near Petir Road. Pakis is a Malay name type of fern called, Dragon scales.

Jalan Siap
  جالن سياڤ

Located within Fuyong Estate, Jalan Siap means "Ready" or "prepared" in Malay. This hilly road serves as an address for the 50s era private houses there. The road first named and built in April 1958.

Jalan Suasa
  جالن سواسا

Jalan Suasa is located within Chestnut Estate. Suasa refers to a metal made from a mixture of gold and copper. A sister road, Jalan Emas Urai, in the vicinity are also named after precious decoration.

Jalan Tenang
     جالن تنڠ

Located off Jalan Jelita near Holland Road, Jalan Tenang features private landed houses along its street. Tenang means "calm" in Malay.

Jalan Tekad
   جالن تيكد

Jalan Tekad is located within Fuyong Estate off Upper Bukit Timah Road. It is surrounded by 60s era private housing. Tekad in Malay is translated to willpower or determination. The road was named and built in April 1958 but appeared on maps in 1966.

Jalan Tumpu
   جالن تومڤو

Tumpu means "focus" or "concentrate" in Malay. Jalan Tumpu is located within Fuyong Estate, an old private residential estate with 60s era houses. The road first named and built in April 1958.

Jalan Uji
 جالن اوجي

Uji or ujian means test in Malay.   The road first named and built in April 1958. Located within Fuyong Estate, it houses 60s era housing there.

Jalan Ulu Seletar
   جالن اولو سلتر

Literally translated into Rural Seletar Road, Jalan Ulu Seletar used to house a kampong at the road's end. Today, most of it has been expunged due to the construction of Springside Estate. Only a small portion is left next to Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim.

Article on my blog on Jalan Ulu Seletar and Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim

Lorong Asrama
   لوروڠ اسراما

Lorong Asrama is translated to "Hostel Lane". Lorong Asrama is located off Mandai Road. Most of it lies within the protected area of a Singapore Armed Forces training grounds.

Lorong Lada Hitam
      لوروڠ لادا هيتم

Lorong Lada Hitam is a rural road located off Mandai Road. Lada hitam is translated to black pepper in English. There was also at one time a "Lorong Lada Puteh" on the other side of Mandai Road but has since been expunged. Lorong Lada Hitam is currently the side of AVA's Mandai Agrotechnology Park and on the opposite side of the road is the future Mandai Train Depot for the Thomson Line, currently undergoing construction.

Lorong Sesuai
  لوروڠ سسواي

Sesuai means "Proper" in Malay. Lorong Sesuai is located off Old Jurong Road. The steep track leads into Bukit Batok Nature Park and a private landed estate.

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