Thursday, December 3, 2015

The New Paper Jubilee Big Walk 2015

Booked two slots to enter the 2015 New Paper Big Walk, dubbed "Jubilee Big Walk", in commemoration of SG50. Being wanted to participate in major marathons/events, I signed fiancee and myself up for the event.

Friday, 6th November 2015

Me and Fiancee picked up our "Walk Packs" at Raffles City level 3 atrium.
Jubilee Big Walk Bag
Contents minus the advertisements.
List of coupons we got. Another marketing scheme.
Commemorative Jubilee Big Walk Medallion

Sunday, 29th November 2015

It was the day, Jubilee Big Walk Day. I woke up at around 0515 hours, bathed, gotten ready and picked up my fiancee. To be prefectly honest, I screwed up on the reporting place as I confused for the National Gallery Singapore for National Museum of Singapore and almost ruined the mood for both of us. So for this, I sincerely apologize to my fiancee for this hiccup.

The Jubilee Big Walk takes on the route of the Jubilee Walk, a permanent 8 kilometer commemorative trail. Through markers affixed on the floor, it connects more than 20 historic and iconic locations within the Civic District and Marina Bay. We were told by the announces at the start line thru the speakers that 23 000 participated for this Big Walk,

At the start line near National Museum of Singapore
At the start line
By the National Museum
Wefie with the crowd!
The two videos we took using my GoPro

So after the confusion, I went to Prinsep Street and parked Hidayah, my bike, near the Elections Department before we walked over to the start line, near National Museum of Singapore. It was already after 7am then and there were still people streaming in slowly. Fiancee changed from her jeans to shorts and we proceed to the start line. We made our way down Armenian Street and passed by various landmarks there.
After the start line near SMU.
At Armenian Street near Peranakan Museum.
For the first time, I used my GoPro Hero 4 for this first few shots. We took photos of various landmarks as we walked by them, from Peranakan Museum to Singapore Philatelic Museum.
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Coming out of Armenian Street and right into Hill Street, we passed by the Central Fire Station, Singapore's oldest and longest running operating Fire Station. Participants dressed up as Captain America and The Flash were present and many walkers too photos with them. I too managed to get a snap with Captain America but apparently I didn't capture it properly in my GoPro.
Central Fire Station
We advanced further down Hill Street and passed by the Hill Street Police Station, currently used to house the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. I met a fellow colleague there too, who was there to control traffic. Quick snap and we made our way to North Boat Quay.
Hill Street Police Station
The sea of people at North Boat Quay
At North Boat Quay, with heavy human traffic, there was a temporary slow pace movement before we walked along down the Singapore River.
At the Singapore River
With the Singapore Skyline in the backdrop
Elgin Bridge
We took some photos of the Elgin Bridge and one of the markers of the Jubilee Walk. Up next we walked past Parliment House, the Asian Civilization Museum and Victoria Memorial Hall. We were greeted by some performances on the kompang by Malay dance groups there

The Golden Jubilee markers marking the Jubilee Walk.
Parliment House
Asian Civilization Museum
Inside the Asian Civilization Museum
Victoria Memorial Hall
One more shot by the main entrance
Next, it was the National Gallery Singapore, formerly the Supreme Court and City Hall. Greeted by performances and people dressed in costumes by Indian groups.
Former Supreme Court Building, National Gallery Singapore
Former City Hall, National Gallery Singapore
An installation at the steps of former City Hall
Sky Shot!
We then passed by Esplanade Park and the Esplanade itself. We saw an very creative art installation along the way. A raining cloud in the middle of the bay! Named "Cloud Nine: Raining" by Tan Wee Lit. It appears to be a low floating cloud.
 "Cloud Nine: Raining" by Tan Wee Lit
100 Plus Edge refreshments
The arch of the SG Heart Map at the Marina Bay Floating Platform
Loving the balloon, just like how I love her.
On the grandstands, it reads, "Home is Where the Heart is".

We left the Marina Bay Floating Platform and into the Helix Bridge to cross the Singapore River and get to the other side..

At the Helix Bridge
Crowded and sunny day at the Helix Bridge

After the Helix Bridge, we had to walk towards Gardens by the Bay. But before that we were greeted by several performances along the way. From "scary Venetian masks" on stilts to the friendly and warm aunties and uncles of the CCs groups playing the ukulele

Thumbs for the performances.
Fiancee and some of the performers.
We made our way down a concrete path, greeted by more people in costumes and jugglers and at around 930 hours, we finally crossed the finishing line at Gardens by the Bay. Though it was hot, crowded and tiring, we did enjoy the run and had precious memories to keep.
Finishing line!

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