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Famous People I've met... So Far...

Happy New Year! First post of 2016. Something I wanna share for quite awhile now, I've met my fair share of famous people over the years, and naturally, my blog is a perfect place to compile and share it with you guys.

Ilyazar, myself and Mr Masagos Zukilfi
Taken sometime in July 2009, I used to work in a cafe at Tampines West CC called the "Jumpin' Beans". It was an initiative run by the CC's youth wing that didn't last long. But we had the support of the stakeholders and the Member of Parliment of the ward of Tampines West, Mr Masagos Zukifli. As of November 2015, he is currently holding the portfolios of Second Minister in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Myself and Fandi Ahmad
This blurry photo was also taken in 2009. While during that period, I was helping my friend Ilyazar and his family his stall at the JSSL-Arsenal soccer league, a junior soccer league held at the Kallang Practice Track, next to the old National Stadium at that time. Fandi Ahmad came in as a guest coach on one of the days, and that was when we had a chance for a photo opportunity with him.
Sheikh Haikel and Myself
Through my stint of National Service in the Army, we were forced to "volunteer" for the Youth Olympics. On the last day during the closing ceremony, all the volunteers and athletes were live on stage as part of the celebrations. That was when i met Sheikh Haikel who was also one of the hosts. A quick selfie and I'm out!
Myself and P Ramlee impersonator, the late Shafiee Hamzah
This one was taken during my duty at Geylang Serai Bazzar during the 2013 fasting month. As I am a fan of P. Ramlee, I have followed the late Shafiee Hamzah as he was famously known for being a P. Ramlee impersonator. Coincidentally, while on duty, I met him and his family after after he had crossed the street and quickly asked him for a photo. Terence who was there with me snapped this for me.
Myself and Adrian Pang
I once worked as a delivery rider for Vegan Burg, a vegetarian fast food restaurant. I only worked there for a week cause I had to help out in the kitchen despite being a delivery rider. This so called "teamwork" and "helping out" bullshit is just to make up for their lack of manpower. Mind you that before handling food, one must go for a typhoid shot, which I didn't cause I was a delivery rider. Anyways, the cashier started to get excited and asked me to help her at the counter in which Adrian Pang was having his meal. So when he was about to leave, I approached him and asked for a quick photo which he graciously accepted and snapped for my colleague before she snapped one for me.
Terence, Suhaimi Yusof and Myself
At about 1am in the morning, Me and Terence got stranded at Ang Mo Kio because our planned trip to Johor Bahru was scrapped due to rain. We decided to seek shelter at the McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park. We were finding our seats when a famous person sitting by the corner with his entourage. It was actor, Suhaimi Yusof. When he was about to leave, a family asked for a photo opportunity and we decided to help them take the photo. In return, one of them took this photo for us. I said thanks by saluting and acknowledge his role as Sergeant Dollah in Police and Thief.
Me and Mark Webber
Taken during the 2013 F1 race, I was stationed where the F1 drivers would pass by. Being more interested in NASCAR rather than F1, I wasn't quite knowledgeable with the drivers so I couldn't recognize some of them as the past by me and only realize that they were the drivers when everyone around me go excited. I do however recognize the famous ones. And that was when Infiniti-Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber approached with his entourage, politely, I asked him for a photo and a colleague did the honors for me. Sadly, that was also Mark Webber's last season in F1, making this photo quite priceless.
Me and Lewis Hamilton.
This was taken a couple of minutes after Mark Webber walked off. The crowd had already thinned down by them I had already saw Lewis Hamilton for a far and once again, didn't hesitate to ask him for a quick photo. Once again, I asked a fellow colleague to take it for me and the rest as they say is history.
Daniel Ricciardo
During the 2015 F1 night race, I was stationed closed to the same point. Since I knew the modus operandi of the F1 stars, I didn't hesitate to seize the opportunity. There was a crowd there too and I only managed to get one photo with Infiniti-Red Bull driver, Daniel Ricciardo. This was also the photo that almost got me into trouble as a SGP staff verbally reprimanded me. But to hell with him as F1 working conditions got so bad the next few days.
Me and Jean Danker
I met Jean Danker on 9th August 2015, on National Day itself. Being a celebrity and also a subject of envy to my fiancee, I've been having a crush on her for years since my SATS Police days. And I've been telling myself that if I ever see her, I'm gonna take a photo with her. The dream cam true on National Day when she happened to be hosting the Bishan North NDP Observance Ceremony in the morning. I just happened to be there to collect free food and drinks for my household, which consist of, muffins and packet Milo drinks. That was when I heard a familiar voice booming through the speakers. It was Jean Danker!!!! I waited for when she stopped speaking and the performers to perform. That was when I took the courage and approach her and asked for a photo in which she was more than willing to do so. After that, others too approached her for photos too. I felt kind of bad, but thanks for the priceless photo Miss Danker!
SDP's Jufrie Mahmood and myself
On the 2015 General Elections, I met Jufrie Mahmood, formerly the Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party and a prominent opposition politician. He didn't contest for any seat for the elections that year and ultimately and unfortunately, SDP didn't win any seats. He I was close to the front and when the rally was over, there was an autograph by Chee Soon Juan, and everyone started to dsperse slowly. Than was when I saw Jufrie Mahmood and quickly shook his hand asked him for a photo.
SPF Celebrity, SUPT Chan Keekeong
The face of the Singapore Police Force, Superintendent of Police, Chan Kee Hong once graced the recruitment posters and the famous Channel 8 drama, CLIF. I was at the 2015 Home Team Festival when I saw him by the SPF recruitment booth. I greeted him, "I'm sorry sir, but are you the officer from CLIF?" and he simply replied "yes." After the photo, he then asked me if I'd like to join the police force, in which I replied, "I already did. I will see you again sir."
Crimewatch hosts, INSP Baizurah. (I'm no sure who is to the right)
And DSP Jessica Ang and Madeleine Low
During the 2015, Home Team Festival, there was a Crimewatch booth set up. Apparently, it was set up to let visitors experience what is like to be infront of a camera and host the show. And mending the booths were hosts of Crimewatch, Inspector Baizurah, the host of the Malay version, Deputy Superintendent Jessica Ang, the former host of the English version and Deputy Superintendent Madeleine Low, the host of the Chinese version. So there was a quick photo session with the officers and I quickly jumped in. I also wanna thank fiancee for taking for me the first shot with INSP Baizurah.

And also... Another surprise... Met someone special too...
Fiancee infront of Parliament House
Future Member of Parliament, The Honorable, Nur Fatin Afiqah!!

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