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Malay Road Typonyms 13

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Jalan Batu
   جالن باتو

Located in between Kampong Arang Road and Kampong Kayu Road, Jalan Batu first appeared on maps in 1963. Jalan Batu is currently a site for the Tanjong Rhu/Mountbatten Road HDB Estate. The road is also famously know for the namesake Jalan Batu Hawker Centre and Market located within the estate. Today no street sign bares the name "Jalan Batu" as the street is currently a car park, but the address of these blocks are still recognized as "Jalan Batu".

Jalan Harum
    جالن هاروم

Jalan Harum is located within Oei Tiong Ham Park, a private residential estate. Harum is the Malay word for "fragrant". The road is first named in 1963. Interingstingly, the word "Harum" is spelled in its current spelling rather than the 60s spelling of "Harom".

Jalan Kampong Siglap
      جالن كامڤوڠ سيڬلڤ

Located off Marine Parade Road, this dead end minor lane serves as an address for Masjid Kampong Siglap next to it. The road was actually conceived in 1993 and fully appeared in maps in 1995. The mosque original access road was Jalan Sempandan. Thanks to the construction of Villa Marina, about half of Jalan Sempandan is lost and with land reclamation of East Coast Beach in the 70s, Marine Parade Road was built and thus Jalan Kampong Siglap is now the access road to this mosque. Jalan Kampong Siglap was probably named after the former namesake village and mosque located nearby, in memory of the kampong.

Jalan Kupang
     جالن كوڤڠ

Located off Jalan Remis near Upper East Coast, the short dead end minor road has private houses along the sides. Kupang in Malay means "mussels".

Jalan Lembah Bedok
        جالن لمبه بدوق

Bedok, currently spelled as "beduk" is a drum used to call out prayer times at the mosques. It can also be used as a musical instrument. Jalan Lembah Bedok is translated to "Bedok Plains Road". The road used to me much longer before the redevelopment of Bedok Reservoir. Today, it houses the Reformative Training Center, an institution to also survive the redevelopment of the surrounding areas.

Jalan Mashhor
    جالن مشحور

Located in the former Kampong Jantai and built sometime in the 1970s, Jalan Mashhor is named after Haji Buang Masadin, the former president of Persatuan Bawean Singapura (Bawean Association of Singapore). He changed his name to Haji Mashhor (Some sources stated that the spelling is "Masyhur") after embarking the Hajj pilgrimage. The nearby land in which the nearby Masjid Omar Salmah is donated by him. The road has since been realigned and it can be accessed through Andrew Road. Few developments grace the road, including Masjid Omar Salmah and Bukit Brown MRT Station. Occasionally, the fields along the road are used for horseback riding, thanks to the nearby Singapore Polo Club. The road will likely be developed in future.

Jalan Mutaira
    جالن موتايرا

Jalan Mutaira is located off River Valley Road first appeared on maps in 1963. Currently flanked by private housing and condominiums. Mutaira means pearls in Malay. It can also be used as a name for a female person.

Jalan Merlimau
    جالن مرليماو

Located off Thomson Road, Jalan Merlimau is flanked by private housing. Merlimau refers to the shrub found in Malaysia, known scientifically as Suregada multiflora. It is also interesting to note that there was a Pulau Merlimau which has since been absorbed by Jurong Island, with its remnants baring on namesake roads including Merlimau Road and Merlimau Place. And a town in the Malaysian state of Melaka named Merlimau.

Jalan Novena, Jalan Novena Barat, Jalan Novena Seletan, Jalan Novena Timor, Jalan Novena Utara
جالن نوۏينا، جالن نوۏينا بارت، جالن نوۏينا سلتن، جالن نوۏينا تيمور، جالن نوۏينا اوتارا

The name "Novena" came for the nearby Novena Church. Located within the namesake Novena Estate, the roads Jalan Novena Barat, Jalan Novena Seletan, Jalan Novena Timor and Jalan Novena Utara are literally translated to the Malayan cardinal direction names of west, east, south and north respectively. Many other estates and roads follow this naming system. But some have been long gone or renamed. Novena also spawned a nearby MRT station named after it.

Jalan Nuri
  جالن نوري

Jalan Nuri was officially named in 1952 and first appeared on maps in 1963. Located off Meyer Road, the road is named after the Malay word for Blue-rumped parrot. The road is flanked by private landed houses.

Jalan Pelangi
    جالن ڤلاڠي

Pelangi means "rainbow" in Malay. Located within Oei Tiong Ham Park, a private residential estate, Jalan Pelangi first appeared on maps in 1963.

Jalan Remis
   جالن رميس

Jalan Remis is located off Upper East Coast Road. Remis in English is translated to "seashell". The road serves as an address for the private houses along it.

Jalan Seaview
    جالن سأۏيو

Located near Mountbatten Road, Jalan Seaview is a network of roads that make up the namesake Seaview Estate, a private landed estate. Before land reclamation, Meyer Road was actually a seaside road facing the Singapore Straits. Hence, the estate was named "Seaview Estate". Jalan Seaview first appeared on maps in 1958. There was also a Seaview Hotel nearby at that time, but however, it is unknown if the roads are named after the hotel or the namesake waterfront view.

Jalan Sedap
   جالن سداڤ

Jalan Sedap appeared on maps in 1958. It was previously known as Lorong Seaview. The road is flanked by landed houses and is located within Seaview Estate. Sedap means "Delicious" in Malay.

Jalan Sempurna
     جالن سمڤورنا

"Sampurna", in the older spelling of "sempurna" means "perfect" in Malay. Jalan Sempurna contains private houses along it. The short minor road is located within Oei Tiong Ham Park Estate. The road is first named and appeared on 1963 maps.

Jalan Senandong
     جالن سناندوڠ

Located off Swiss Club Road, Jalan Senandong is a crescent road serving the landed houses there. Senandong means to hum or softly sing to oneself.

Lorong Buangkok
    لوروڠ بواڠكوق

This road used to ply from Gerald Drive (Formerly known as "Jalan Woodbridge") all the way to Punggol Road near Jalan Seranggong Kechil (Now Sengkang East Way). Today, it has since been split into two sections thanks to the emergence for Sengkang New Town. Sometime spelt as "Buang Kok" means "united" in Hokkien. The namesake road has since spunoff into the area between Hougang and Sengkang, school and other roads in the area. It is also the site of Singapore's last mainland kampong.
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