Friday, January 8, 2016

Masjid Al-Firdaus

I chanced upon this lonely mosque upon travelling down Choa Chu Kang Road. Located opposite Army Logistics Base, and a stonethrow away from Home Team Academy, Masjid Al-Firdaus at the end of Jalan Ibadat. Coincidentally, the surau within Kampong Lorong Buangkok is named Surau Al-Firdaus.
A view of the mosque from the entrance of Jalan Ibadat.


The institution is an old generation mosque and was built in 1962. The name "Firdaus" is a name for the highest garden in Paradise.
Main gates and entrance of the mosque.
Classrooms and multipurpose rooms within the mosque.
Another angle
Mosque offices and rooms.
The rear of the mosque, compromising seating areas.
Religious classes for adults are held here.
Entrance to the main prayer hall.
Another angle
The main prayer hall
The main prayer hall is fairly simple and small. It has been said that the mosque can accommodate over 200 people. From my observation, the worshipers are mostly from the nearby Home Team Academy due to its close proximity.

Always loved rustic and kampong styled mosques. While in the concrete jungles of Singapore and in an ever developing landscape, there is really this sort of charm that most of the mosques or even other places that offers this kind of kampong scenery and simplicity. In future I will be on the lookout for more kampong styled institutions in the little red dot.

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