Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Malayan Council

Great Eats: The Malayan Council

Location: 22, Dunlop Street, (Opposite Masjid Abdul Gafoor)

The restaurant sign.
After a day of exploring, we were really really hungry and decided to try out a place we wanna eat but didn't really know that we both wanted it, The Malayan Council. The name sounds really really superficial and at first, I thought its a government organization or a political group. The restaurant name somewhat attracted me at first.

Tucked away along the row of shophouses on Dunlop Street, it is located within the Little India Conservation District. The dining area is small but considering that it only serves a few people, it was just right. The tables we sat on are actually made out of wooden pallets, giving an industrial look an theme to the eating establishment. Lighting was dim and the background music played slow remixes of modern hits and P. Ramlee classics, providing a calm atmosphere. Fiancee however complained that she couldn't see what she was really eating infront of her as it was somewhat too dim.

Fiancee deciding what to eat.
The menu.
Food prices as within the $15 to $40 price range, which is somewhat premium for us. They serve a variety of Malay, western, and fusion dishes. As for drinks, its at the $4 to $6 price range. Water is complimentary and free flow, as our waiter, Hafiz, continued to pour my glass even though it was half full. (Yeah, service was that good)
Fiancee's Mango Mint Cooler.
Our Malayan Wings as the starter.
So we placed our order and the drinks came first. I ordered the Ice Lemon Tea (as there was no Milo. Haha) and fiancee had the Mango Mint Cooler. The Ice Lemon Tea is perfect for me and it wasn't that sweet. Seems that they used actual lemons rather than syrup or add additional sugar.

My Chicken Parmigiana
Fiancee's Ayam Panggang Sapit
The main course arrived like 7 minutes after. I was shocked by the large portions of the dishes. My dish, the Chicken parmigiana has saute mushrooms, truffle fries, a small salad and a chicken breast topped with pasta sauce and cheese. While fiancee's Ayam Panggang sapit has basmati rice topped with chicken and drenched in curry, similar to those nasi beyani dishes at weddings, with a much richer taste. Have to say the food was really really awesome and you really get your money's worth for the food, the taste, portions, ambiance and very good service.

Me and our server/owner, Hafiz!
Also, I wanna extend my appreciation and compliment Hafiz, our server and the owner of The Malayan Council, he truly went out of his way and really made Swensen's, Pizza Hut and Manhattan Fish Market to shame with their customer service. Despite being only a month old, the service and food was truly exceptional and we did get our money's worth. Will come back to patronize and fully support you guys.

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