Saturday, February 13, 2016

PDRM Police Bike 1/6 Model

Something that I gotten from across the border, a Royal Malaysia Police motorbike.

The model is made by The Nine Products, a Malaysian toy company. As depicted on the box, its a licensed product and endorsed by the Royal Malaysia Police. The company also made other Malaysian police vehicles such as the Proton Inspira and Proton Waja police cars. But however, the motorcycle model that was replicated is the Honda CB1300 police bike. However the PDRM doesn't use this particular model but uses the Honda CBX750 and VFR800. It seems that this model is inspired and replicated from the Japanese Honda CB1300 police bike model made by various Japanese toy companies.
The box it comes in

Front and back of the box
Side of the box
Botttom of the box
The box looks very presentable. It showcases the Royal Malaysia Police endorsement of the product through the display of the PDRM's name and crest.
PDRM Police bike model
Front and back view
Side profile
PDRM Police bike
The police bike is highly detailed. As its reproduced from the Japanese counterparts with PDRM logos, the workmanship and quality is also looks great. Some areas are matte while the white parts are glossy. However, this model is plastic and it may not be able to withstand rough handling, so I advice to handle it with care.
More detailing
More detailing
Front of the bike, with PDRM logo on the windshield
I do wish that the Honda VFR800P model was produced because its the actual model the PDRM uses. But however, I am already satisfied with this current model and it has certainly earned a place in my display case.

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