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ITE College Memories

My former alma mater
So after weeks of giving me problems, my phone of slightly over a year finally died on me... Lost a lot of photos and other precious moments inside. So in my ever continuing quest to backup everything important in my life, I'm gonna share my ITE photos here and at the same time, back them up here.

A little bit of history here. I was a victim of the primary school streaming system. In which Primary 4, I was actually quite lazy and as a consequence, I was streamed into the EM3 class. So meaning that I had to take the longer route unlike those who got into EM2 or EM1. So naturally, with my mediocre grades, I was in the "normal technical" class in secondary school and progressed into the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), in which I had no other choice really from the courses I can choose. The motto of ITE College East is "It's my choice"... So much for that crap. Anyways, enough about me ranting on how f-ed up the Singapore education system is, its time to share my memories of my ITE life.

NITEC First Year

Bangla for a day
The course I got into was NITEC in Building Services Technology, currently known as Facility Management. A little background, this course specializes in maintaining or repairing a building or its fixtures/appliances.   Usually, the outcome of obtaining this certification entitles you to a job as a building's Facility Manager, or technician.

The first year is the general topics. As far as I can remember, I learnt how to fix and make piping, making gaskets for pipe fittings, masonry, welding and bending copper pipes for air conditioning refrigerant to flow thru. To be frank, there's really not much for me in the first year as there isn't much of "my kind" to mingle with.
His name is Hardy.

NITEC Second Year

Me and Faireen. 3rd day of Class.
2nd year of my course. That was when my classmates went our separate ways as we were divided in to specialization classes. Some of them went into "Air Conditioning Services" while those with better results can choose to specialize in "Mechanical and Engineering Services". From this, we learnt how to do wiring for emergency fixtures, mend fire alarm panels,
Me and my lecturer, Mr. Goh.
But it was during this time I had found some of my classmates that I am able to relate and get along well as well as made some of the best ever lasting memories in my college life.
Me and Muas.
Another lecturer of mine that taught us wiring. Forgot his name though.
Ariffin loves taking selfies with my phone.
And apparently, while I was doing work, one of them borrowed my phone and took these....
Classmate group photo 1 (Explicit)
Classmate group photo 2 (Peace)
I have no idea who brought that umbrella.
Hell yeah!
Sufi and Shahrul
Black and Sufi.
Guy likes to sleep in class.
Penalty kick POV.
Pathetic attempt to jump off the building.
Shahrul and Sufi waiting outside class.
Don't worry, he's not a bully. (Photo was posed)
This was supposed to be a "artsy" photo.
The unseen force pushing us against the wall!
Fooling around with Shahrul's butt.
Group shot featuring my smelly feet. (Explicit)
Group shot featuring my smelly feet. (Non Explicit)
One of the few selfies I had in ITE
At one point, we took a trip to Changi Airport.
Airport trip! Waiting for the skytrain.
In the skytrain. Informal shot.
In the skytrain, Abang-abang shot.

Guess who photobombed behind them.
NB0601P with Mr Toh.
Yusri's dad vehicle at the workshop.
Post graduation photo with black photoboming.
And to top it all off, like many other school "clicks", we went to Hari Raya visiting together. Sadly, this was our last outing as a group. And went out separate ways after that.
Raya at Alawiyah's house 1.
Raya at Alawiyah's house 2.
Raya at Alawiyah's house 3
NB0601P during raya at Alawiyah's house.
Last Raya photo!
Glad to have shared by ITE photos here! Sweet memories for me! 

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