Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Forest Adventure

Firstly, Happy Aprilfool's Day!!

My apologizes for not updating for so long. Been very very busy sorting my life out. Anyways, on the 27th of March, me and fiancee went on a Forest Adventure! Like literally a "forest adventure", a high elements obstacle set up in the middle of some tree tops in Bedok Reservoir Park near my alma mater.

We're Ready!
Using my GoPro, we took photos and videos of our experience. After a lengthy and frustrating process to edit and convert them for upload, I have written this post to share our experience.

Fiancee all decked out in the safety gear.
With myself assisting the instructor on how to put on the harness and helmet, we were given a safety brief and a crash course on how to to operate the equipment. The safety harness consists of two carabiners, a normal one and the other with a trolley for the zip lines.

The procedure is that at all times, the carabiner must be placed on the red wire or a zipline within the obstacles. After the safety briefing and a lesson on how to operate the equipment, we were given a dry run on ground on how to operate the carabiners as instructed.

Next, is another practice run on the practice zip line itself, but positioned close to the ground. After stasfying the instructor on how to operate the carabiner safely, we were on our own at the first obstacle course.

Fatin's climb at the start point. (30 Seconds)

The first part is basically a straightforward tree climb followed by a flying fox to the 2nd part of the course. But that is when it got harder....

About to go thru the toughest part of the grand course.
I had did my fair share of high elements during my secondary school days. But nothing can beat Forest Adventure. It was really hard and scary. But I thought to myself, I can't give up now, seeing that my fiancee is right ahead of me and being the person that I am, I had to encourage her. So took a deep breath and went thru with the course.
Fatin making her "circus" debut!
A selfie together before we begin the toughest obstacle
The toughest part is probably the 2nd part of the grand course. We were already warned but highly encouraged by our instructor that this part is the toughest during the safety briefing. Despite already seeing a family in front of us struggling to get thru the course, we decided to go through with it.

And finally, what seem to have taken forever, after gong thru the toughest obstacle in the whole course, we were treated to a flying fox across Bedok Reservoir with a wonderful view.
Fatin doing her best at the third part of the grand course.
The view of Bedok Reservior from the tree top
We got back up on our feet and headed for the third part of the grand course. Fiancee took her time and I just went thru with it. Making sure that I'm right behind her, and giving her the encouragement she needs. I was also able to take many photos in the course.

Fatin at the 3rd part of the Grand Course.
Fatin going thru the Jamor Crossing obstacle.
The Jamor Crossing sign. depicting the difficulty and instructions

She told me she got tired at the last two courses but she pressed on. And went thru with it! I admire her determination and courage. And for that, I congratulate you...

Fatin tired after going through the first three courses.
As we were waiting for our turn at the final course, we took a breather at a nearby concrete structure. It was physically demanding and we have one more part to go. Fiancee complained of aches but I assured her that its a good sign as the muscles are regenerating to take on even more demanding physical activity, or so I read from somewhere years ago.

Let's go!
We began our climb into the last and final part. We were in for a surprise once we reached the top as we watched the person infront of us went thru the obstacle.

The above video is probably the scariest thing I have ever experienced. As fiancee was infront of me, she had to go first. The instructor on the bicycle was giving "motivation" and "encouragement" in a form of playful remarks. I watched Fatin jumped.... and damn, it looked really scary. She landed safely on the net but had trouble climbing it to the platform. The instructor yelled at her, "That guy your boyfriend?", and Fatin shouted, "Fiancee!!". I then snapped out of it and yelled words of encouragement. But deep down I was scared. Fiancee had made it to the platform. It was my turn to jump.

I took a leap of faith and jumped. From that moment, my heart stopped until I hit the net. It was like a freefall. But I'm glad to have done it. The instructor remarked in Malay, "Pekek punye kuat, macam dia seorang gitu". A snide remark meaning "I'm the only one who thinks that I went thru it alone".

Final obstacle before the Flying Fox across the reservoir.
We continued on our way to the rest of the obstacles. In the video below, I hummed to myself, Shakira's "Try Everything" from the movie "Zootopia". A reminder to myself to try out new things no matter how tough they are.

Close to the end of the Forest Adventure experience, we were treated to a final Flying Fox across Bedok Reservoir. Oh, and did we mention about the sand invading the linings of our clothes after each Flying Fox?
Ending on a good note with a photo of our engagement rings!
Through this, we have certainly bonded and became much closer. Fatin certainly had build up her courage and determination to try new things. I wanna congratulate her on completing her first ever High Elements course. and I personally thank her for going thru Forest Adventure with me.

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