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These past few months, a lot of things have been happening, so I shall combine all of them into one random post....

8 November 2015 - My Asus Zenfone 6 Broke

My Asus Zenfone 6
So today, I bid farewell to my old phone that I bought sometime last year, my Asus Zenfone 6.

Already for weeks, it has been giving me lots of problems. And now, for unknown reasons, it died on me and I couldn't get it started beyond the loading screen. Meaning that everything in the phone is gone, literally. Luckly, I did manage to save close to 70% of my photos and songs inside. This is also a stark reminder for me to always backup priceless memories and photos, always.

12 19 December 2015 - KL/Melaka Vacation

So I was emptying out my GoPro when I had stumbled upon some long overdue videos of my vacation to Kuala Lumpur with my family last year. Since I wanted to free up space in the memory card, I uploaded them into YouTube and share them here so that I can watch them as and when I want to.

In the KTM Train Part 1

In the KTM Train, Part 2

Pustaka Peringatan P. Ramlee Tour. 
Link to my article on Pustaka Peringatan P. Ramlee

My experience at Mahkota Resort Melaka.

Uploading these videos off my GoPro is really a chore for your info. First you gotta edit and convert them. When you have done that lengthy process, uploading it into YouTube is another chore as it takes a lot of time especially when the video exceeds 5 minutes. With that being said, also can't do much while converting and uploading the videos because it slows the computer down. 

27 December 2015 - Downtown Line Opening Week

Train window reflection selfie
Sharing photos of me and Fatin's free train ride during the Downtown Line opening week. The reason why I wanted to explore the newly opened Downtown Line at that time is because I don't usually ride public transport as I have a motorbike to help me get around and number two, its free anyways so why not give it a go.

Botanic Gardens station
Botanic Gardens is the only station to bare a Malay translation.
Riding my bike, we went to Botanic Gardens and hopped the train towards Bukit Panjang. Also noticed that Botanic Gardens MRT Station is the first and only station to bare a Malay translation. Its too bad that Singapore doesn't recognize Jawi as one of the official national language script.
Packed train.
Sixth Avenue station
With Fatin posing in the background.
We board the train and left at Sixth Avenue Station to have a look around. Well, all the stations looks pretty straightforward. Same old boring design unlike the North East Line, in which the Art in ransit theme is almost the whole station or color themes as with the underground stations of the East West and North South Lines.
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King Albert Park station
The Art in Transit in King Albert Park, featuring little metal sculptures.
Other than King Albert Park station, the rest of the stations didn't seem to impress me at all in terms of design and uniqueness. Feels very much like the North East and Circle lines. 
Not ready.... Ready!
Beauty World Station
And finally ending at Bukit Panjang

8 March 2016 - Attained Class 2 Driving License

The back of my driving license.
Finally, after years of patience, lessons, frustrations, effort, practice and a lot of money involved, I have cleared my Class 2 Motorcycle license. Meaning to say that I can now ride bikes above 400CC.

I honestly never thought that I'd went this far because the last time I took my motorcycle lessons was way back in 2006 when I was still in ITE as a student. A bit of history here. I took the lessons back then at Comfort Driving Center (CDC). I never got beyond lesson 5 and it was damn difficult to pass. After repeating a lot of lessons and going for revisions, my funds got dry quickly and "permanently postponed" my lessons.

Fast forward to 2012. I was in SATS Police at that time. Seeing how it was a hassle to commute from Bishan to the Airport, and partially inspired by the colleagues around me who bike to work, I decided to start taking up motorcycle lessons again. This time, I didn't go back to CDC but rather I decided to head west to Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC) as many said that it was "easier to pass there". And boy, were they wrong.

It was much harder and stricter than when I previously took them in 2006. After six years, the Traffic Police seems to have added a lot of requirements and standards, raising the passing standard for the students. And not only that, I had to start all the way from the bottom as my previous lessons I have taken were no longer valid.

Regardless, I went thru it. This time, with so called "unlimited" funds from my full-time job, I took up a lot of lessons and practice. There was even a particular lesson which I took 6 tries to clear. It was a struggle. And not only that. Since my job usually starts at 3 if I'm working in the afternoon shift, I had to go for lessons in the late morning, around 10 am and commute from Bishan to the west and later after lessons, to the east of Singapore for work. And do take note that I was still using public transport. Meaning that a lot of time had to be sacrificed.

My attitude towards the lessons also differed than when I previously took them at CDC. I never ever gave up. I continued to go for lessons twice a week to keep practicing on the motorcycle. With each and every lesson I progressed to, it got harder. But it motivated me as I was much more closer to attaining my driver's license.

After 6 months of struggling, finally, I completed my lessons and it was time for the TP test. I failed. It was devastating. Nevertheless, I continued to go for revisions. Sometimes twice on the same day. For awhile, the driving center became my third home. as I kept going for revisions while I waited for the next TP test which was 2 months away.

The day came. I took the TP test. It was a nerve wrecking wait for the results. What seemed like forever finally came when some of the students were called out. We didn't know who passed or failed. Was it the people who were called out or those who stayed in the room?

The instructor entered the room. He announced that those who stayed, passed the test. I passed!!! Eight months of determination and perseverance finally paid off. And I thank God for the blessing he gave to me.

February 22nd 2013 was the day I passed the test. And I will never forget that day. It will take me a few months when I purchased my motorbike, Hidayah.
Hidayah at the workshop. Just bought.
The rest as they say, is history. I later on took my Class 2A and Class 2 at Singapore Safety Driving Center as it was nearby my home. When I attained my Class 2A license, I was given a chance to ride the police motorbikes with the Auxiliary Police. And my motivation to go for Class 2 is to ride the bigger bikes of the company.

First ever stint as a outrider in 2015 SEA Games.
With the company's Honda CB400
And the dream came true on March 31st. I was finally given the opportunity to ride the Yamaha MT09. I never thought that I'd make it this far, and I'm grateful for the opportunities and blessing given to me.
Me with the MT09, I nicknamed it "The Beast"
Hidayah and "The Beast"

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