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SBS Transit, SMRT Bus Models.

Last year, I bought three bus models, all of which are miniature localized versions of the buses you see in Singapore, SMRT and SBS Transit.

SMRT Bus Model

SMRT Bus Model in its box.
Upon searching "SMRT bus model", I bought this off Carousell for a promo offer of $82. The scale of the model is 1/76 and is depicted as "Limited Edition". The model depicted is the 2012 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 MMC.

From what I knew, there was an earlier batch of models released by https://www.imobshop.sg/, SMRT's very own online store. Similar to Qoo10, the store offers discounts and promo prices for the items on sale. 

The model was first unveiled in November and given out during a lucky draw of Friends of SMRT event. In December, "public purchase" were sold on iMOB for $78. It quickly became out of stock and I wasn't able to get my hands on it, sadly. Unlike my own model I purchased from Carousell, as this is the Singaporean release and I presumed an earlier version, the SMRT logo is still in its original red and black colors. Also this model doesn't have the NDP 2015 decals on it.
Box front and back
Box Side view
Box Top and bottom
The model is made by Model 1 Company Limited, a Hong Kong based company. Hong Kong has a larger base and bigger market of collectors and model enthusiasts, so its no surprise that there is a Hong Kong release for a model depicting a Singaporean transport company.

On the box, there is a short write up on SMRT Corporation and the bus model itself, the Enviro500. The box features the SMRT's corporate livery and logo, meaning to assume that the model itself has been licensed or commissioned by SMRT themselves.
Out of its box with its case.
Side profile
My certificate of Limited Edition"
The one I had bought is the Hong Kong release version. The guy who sold it to me had imported them into Singapore. Only 1800 of this version are made as stated on the certificate.

It features the 2nd logo change of the company, in full red but still retaining the split line in the middle. The model also had the NDP 2015 decals on the windscreen and the window near the entrance. The LED destination sign, which starts from Woodlands Regional Interchange and ending at Marina Center Terminal. The license plates reads SMB5069E.
Side Profile
Front and back
Front detailing. You can see the NDP 2015 decal and road tax disc.
Side detailing
Another angle
The details on this model are really fine. Down to the Priority Seat decals and road tax disc plastered on the windows. The colors of the exterior and interior mirrors to the actual counterpart, making this model a very accurate representation of the actual bus itself
More detailing
Top floor detailing
Interior detailing
Due to the rarity and limited to probably 1800 pieces, he model will definitely appreciate in time to come. Here in Singapore, there is somewhat a huge demand for local based vehicle models and judging by the prices people are willing to pay for Masterpiece Collectibles' custom emergency vehicle models, price doesn't really matter if you wanna own a piece of transportation history.

Final view

SBS Transit Bus Models

SBS Transit Bus models in its cases
I got the SBS Transit models slightly earlier than the SMRT one, in November last year. Also off a Carousell purchase, the models came without the packaging or boxes as this models used to be owned by some other individual.  

These models are made by Creative Master Northcord Limited, a British company that specializes in making bus models of the UK and Hong Kong. These models were released in December 2011 and were commissioned by SBS Transit themselves to commemorate the launch of then the Singapore Bus Services’ new corporate logo, image and livery as a bus and train operate.

There are two released to this model. One was the "single pack" version, containing only one model which is the current SBS Transit livery while the other was the "twin pack gift set". The one I currently own is probably the latter as it features both the current and "Super Bus" liveries.

Current Livery

The model without its case
Originally known as "Leyland Olympian", these batch of "Olympian" models are the last of their kind to bare the "Leyland" badging before Volvo bought the company. Soon after the Volvo takeover, the Olympians used the Volvo badging instead. In 2001, SBS changed its corporate image to show itself as both a bus and rail operator and all the buses were progressively painted to the current livery.
Side profiles
Front and Back

Old Livery (Super Bus)

The model in its case.
I remembered when I was much younger, I did get a chance to ride the "SuperBus". It was usually deployed on long haul routes, specifically from one end to the other end of the island. The reason why it boasts the "SuperBus" name is because it was the first 12 meter double decker bus in the country that was fully air conditioned.
Another angle
The model without its case
Side Profile
Front and back

Bus Detailing

As both buses are somewhat similar, I shall not dwell into much of the detailing of the individual buses. Both buses feature the route 28, From Toa Payoh Bus Interchange to Tampines Bus Interchange. They also feature the same license plates, SBS9228C, which in real life was actually the first batch of Volvo Olympian buses with round headlights rather than rectangular

Front detailing
Rear detailing
Upper floor interior detailing
More interior detailing

Final Photos

All three buses in one photo
The current liveries of SMRT and SBS Transit
For a collector such as myself, many probably won't understand how come I can waste so much money on this. Well, all I can say is that if you really have the passion for something, just go for it. I hope that sometime in the near future I would get a bigger display case to showcase my ever growing collections.

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