Friday, June 3, 2016

McDonald's "Angry Birds" Promo

So throwback to a couple of weeks back. Upon seeing the various advertisements plastered all over town, I decided to give the McDonald's "Angry Birds" meal a try. It is a promo in conjunction with The Angry Birds Movie. (Me and my fiancee managed to catch it recently in Malaysia. It was an awesome movie.) So one night, after work, I went struaght to a nearby McDonald's and bought a set.
The takeout bag 
I bought the meal, which typically consists fries, a burger and drink. Also part of the promo, but not the meal is the spicy nuggets which I bought separately as an ala-cart.
The meal out of the bag.
As a promotion in conjunction with Angry Birds Movie, the packaging features the Angry Birds characters. By this time, I couldn't wait to get my hands (and mouth)  on the meal.
The "spicy" chicken nuggets.
Inside the nuggets
The speclity chicken nugguts, which was described in the ads and websites, as "all-new Jalapeno Chicken Nuggets! Enjoy a hint of spicy paprika and black pepper flavor." Well, honestly for me, it wasn't really that spicy. In fact, it tasted "peppery" rather than spicy. For me their spicy nuggets in past promos are better than this one....
Super Red Burger
And now, be hold, the Super Red Burger. Extra points on which character the burger is based on in the movie. The last time I tried a burger with a unique bun color is when Burger King had their black"charcoal" bun.
What the burger compromises.
After taking a few bites out of it.
At first, when I opened the bun to inspect the contents, I thought they used the McSpicy patty. But it tasted totally different. It wasn't that spicy as its McSpicy counterpart. The sauce is also quite tangy. But have to say, overall flavor wasn't that spicy as what I'm used to but rather a less spicy version of the McSpicy.

Well, honestly after that experience. I'll just stick to my usual McSpicy....

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