Friday, August 5, 2016

Masterpiece Collectibles' SOC "Ang Chia" Model

Once again, Masterpiece Collectibles has released a miniture emergency vehicle for the masses. This time, the Singapore Police Force's Special Operations Command Anti-Riot vehicle, affectionately known as "Ang Chia" (Literally translated to"Red Vehicle" from Hokkien) by the average citizen.

Scaled in their standard 1:43 scale, the model is a perfect replica of the real thing. This is also the model released in 2015 for SG50. So future models may no longer feature the SG50 logo on its packaging.

SOC Police Tactical Unit Anti-Riot Vehicle (Ang Chia) with Packaging

Upon removal from the plastic bag
SOC anti-riot vehicle "Ang Chia" model in its packaging
Front and Back of the SOC anti-riot vehicle "Ang Chia" model in its packaging
There are two variations to the model, featuring the old and current livery. Each model comes an accompanying SOC Trooper figuring. Costing $165 per model, I pre-ordered this sometime in September. After a long wait, the model was finally released on December 14th. Only those who pre-ordered the model are entitled to one additional SOC Trooper figurine.
Decals the model comes with
And another thing, as requested by many many collectors, the models come with optional decals with the various troop number call signs for both the vehicles and the figurine. However, I must add that for the new livery, the call sign decals are actually in the incorrect font. Probably because when they made the model, the new livery had just been launched and no call sign was in placed yet. By the time the models were in production, the SOC anti-riot vehicle appeared in the National Day Parade mobile column. And the callsign was shown to be in another font.

SOC Police Tactical Unit Troopers in Packaging

SOC Trooper and the packaging it comes in
SOC Trooper box sides

SOC Trooper box front and back.
The SOC Trooper figurines comes in two designs, both with different types of shields. As I'm not familiar with the SOC Trooper's equipment, I am unable to provide the exact details or names of the riot shields. As with the Anti-Riot Vehicle models, the figurines also come with decals to customize the troop callsign.
The models in the cases. Side angle.
Photo of the Ang Chia in the box.

With the case removed

Old Livery

Sides of the anti-riot vehicle model in older livery
Front and Back of the anti-riot vehicle model in older livery

New Livery

Sides of the anti-riot vehicle model in  current livery
Front and Back of the anti-riot vehicle model in current livery
Roof of the SOC anti-riot vehicles model

Miscellaneous Detailing

Interior detailing
While with my naked eye, I couldn't see the interior as it is covered by the mesh, however when I used my phone camera, and took the above photo, you can see that the model does contain an interior within its cab. Such amazing feature that they didn't miss out despite the mesh covering the windows.


Here are some poses with the SOC anti-riot vehicle and the troopers it comes in! Really makes me feel like a child again. Oops.. Ha ha...
Pose 1
Pose 2
With the SOC figurines in the front
As expected from Masterpiece Collectibles. Absolutely amazingly detailed for your viewing pleasure. Definitely an eye-candy to one's emergency vehicle collection.

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