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Resurgence Gear Cargo Riding Pants Review

In July, I got into a motorcycle accident. And was out of commission for more than three weeks. Meaning that I stayed at home, I didn't work most of the time and I was bored to the core. My income also suffered as I had to take a long leave of absence from work.

Bandages after my trip to the clinic
Given this thoughts, I have decided to progressively implement measures to protect myself from getting injured from a minor accident. I bought a full-face helmet, attached my GoPro camera on in as a security measure while riding, and bought myself two pairs of riding pants.

The Decision to Buy the Pants

After much consideration, I purchased a pair of motorcycle riding pants from Resurgence Gear. The reason why I chose Resurgence Gear as oppose to other brands is because they have a look of normal pants and jeans while still offering the protection of any riding pants. I was also issued a pair at work as an auxiliary police outrider. I could be wearing my work pants wherever I go as they do indeed look like regular jeans, but the thought of me returning the pants to the company once I resign made me consider that I should just purchase them for myself.

After looking high and low, I only found out that one motorcycle shop in Singapore that sells the pants. Its also where my company purchased it from, Ban Hock Hin - The Motorcycle Specialist, located at Defu Industrial Estate. They're also the contracting service provider for SPF Traffic Police, Certis CISCO and AETOS.

I went there myself and tried on a pair of pants but it seems that they didn't have the size that I wanted. Also, all the pants were too long for my legs. That night, I researched the Resurgence Gear website.

My Order

I bought a pair of "charcoal" and "brown" colored cargo trousers. Size 32 inches and a in seam measurement of 18 inches. There are very helpful and informative charts/diagrams on the website itself on how to measure your legs to find the correct size and length.

The features of the cargo trousers.
The pants itself costs USD$280 (SGD$380.60) with shipping amounting to USD$30 (SGD$40.80). Since I ordered two pairs, the grand total was USD$590 (SGD$801.93). Despite the high price I paid, I had considered very very carefully as it is for safety purposes and given that I had used their product while at work, I trusted the quality.

One thing that attracted me to the cargo trousers was the design itself. It evoked a tactical style and functionality. It has additional features as compared to the riding jeans that were issued to me by my company.

The Pants' Arrival

Still mint in package for the brown pair.
After three weeks of waiting, the pants finally came at the door. I didn't hesitate to wear my charcoal pair, while the brown one was kept in its packaging until I took this photo. As oppose to a regular pair of pants, the Resurgence Gear riding pants is heavy due to the extra lining and paddings that came with the pants.
Front and back view.
 Measuring at a height of 165, my in seam is 28 inches. Customized to the height of my legs.

The Amour (Knee and Hip Pads)

The Knee and hip pads.
Knee and hip pants are removal and is able to easily slot in to their respective pockets. I also have the option not to put the padding, resulting in a much lighter pants. However I do intent to wear the pads whenever I'm riding (Which is almost everyday).
Knox Lite Flexiform
The pads are from Knox Lite, a British company that manufactures body amour for Motorcyclists. The "Flexiform", feel foamy and smooth to the touch. But at the same time, it almost has properties of rubber. It's very flexible as it doesn't damage or tear to bends or knocks. In the website, the material is described to be impact and abrasion resistant.

PEKEV Lining

The PEKEV Branding on the pants.
The PEKEV lining in the cargo trousers.
A trademark of Resurgence Gear, all of their riding pants are lined with PEKEV linings. As described in their website, as "specifically engineered to protect against impact, abrasions, and lacerations during an accident". It is also described to be more lighter, durable and stable. It remains unaffected by UV radiation, bleach, detergents, washing and moisture unlike most protective motorcycle apparel that uses aramid fibers or kevlar, in which overtime, may degrade and lose their effectiveness.

Features of the Cargo Trousers

The side pocket
Zippers on the side pockets
On top of the snap buttons that help to secure the pocket flap, the zippers on the side cargo pockets add a nice touch, ensuring that my stuff will not fall out or drop out of the pocket while riding.
Zipper pocket for the knee pads.
The knee amour in its zipper pocket.
Unlike most of the other riding pants and even other pants from Resurgence Gear, only the cargo trousers series comes with side zippers for quick, convenient and easy pad insertion or removal from outside. One side of the pocket is lined with two patches of velcro to ensure that the padding stays in place.
Back Pockets
Back pockets are straightforward, using metal snap buttons to secure the pocket flaps. These pockets do not feature any zippers.
Velcro strap for bottom closure and tightening 
Another good feature of these pants is the velcro strap at the bottom of the pants. because of the baggy design, in a case of when I need to wear riding boots or high cut boots, I can use the strap to tighten or close the bottom and tuck in the pants into my riding boots. This is reason why I had ordered online and measured my in seam sizing. Out of fear that my pants may be too long and that I may have to cut away this strap in order to tailor the pants to a suitable length.

Profile Views and Conclusion

Front and back view.
Side view.
Looking at it positively, with its thickness and foam pads, it does offer the protection and the assurance of it. After using the product for 2 weeks, it's safe to say that you're getting the quality and ruggedness you paid for  The downside is that it is thick and heavy and could get a little warm. In hot weather, the pants trap heat, but it doesn't get too hot and it's still bearable for myself. The high price is also another turn off.

I'd highly recommend this to any rider who can bare the mild heat, wants the assurance of protection, a riding pants that has a look of any regular cargo pants and has the thick wallet for it. Resurgence Gear cargo trousers is suitable to be that every day regular functional pants and offering protection from lower body motorcycle injuries at the same time.

Resurgence Gear Website

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