Thursday, October 20, 2016

After 10 Years....

Mid September and October probably have been the downfall of my life as my ex-fiancee and I have broken off our engagement and went our separate ways. After going thru of what seem to be a depressing period, a glimmer of hope and a renewed sense of life breathed in me on 17th October.

Perhaps there is a certain wisdom on why it happened, and Allah SWT clearly had a better plan for me. It was really unexpected. After 12 applications almost within a 10 years time frame of trying, with help from many friends from the force, the tears, the frustrations, the wait, going back and fourth for interviews and filling out forms and the sacrifices...

Three weeks after me and my ex-fiancee broke up, I received a letter that I have finally been accepted into the Singapore Police Force as a volunteer police officer.

I took my oath three days ago on October 17th. Training has already commenced. See ya'll in six months!

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