Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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Thought I share some of my thoughts and what is going on in my life so far.

National Service and Reservist Obligations 

"Regiment Melayu Mat Yo Yo Pertama"
Sometime back, I had a good catch up with my national service buddies, in particular, the HQ1SIB "First Mat Yo Yo Malay Regiment", the little social group we called ourselves. I don't know when was the last time we had a reunion, but it sure is great having that much need catch up. Oh and speaking of NS, the very next day, I was to report to Jurong Camp for my ICT
The bunch of guys since m NSF days till Reservist.
So I just ended my third cycle of reservist last week on the 16th. That was our unit's last low key ICT and the subsequent ones will all be high key, meaning a longer stay in camp for the next 7 years. I actually came down with a slight flu one day before my ICT started. By the 2nd day of ICT, it got worst. I wasn't able to breathe through my nose properly and suffered insomnia. So the next morning, I went to the medical center to get some meds. MO also gave me light duty, meaning that all my plans for a passing attempt at IPPT got screwed, and that I'll have to do RT.... Damn it... Regardless, this time round, I was lucky as I was able to skip all the exercises and physical activity.
Met a fellow Aetos colleague in camp.
While helping to clear stores, I also met my working colleague in camp. It was his very first ICT.
901 SIR HQ Coy QM Branch
The above photo was on the final day, before we out-pro. Looking forward to the next seven years of ICT with the guys again! ~~Yang Pertama Dan Utama

Back in Blue After a Week of Green

Finally, a "Home Team" name tag bearing my name.
My intake collected our uniforms, at Home Team Academy. For me, I had several issues with my pants size that I had to exchange for a bigger size. Training has been going well so far, cleared my IPPT and out Law exam is coming up.
Me and SPF celebrity, SGT Victoria Hay!!
Got my free SPF FRC model!
And I also went to the SPF roadshow at Toa Payoh with my family. For me, as I have been to various police exhibitions before, it was all too familiar for me, but as my family tagged along, I sort of became their guide. It was an eye opening experience for them. Oh and I also took a photo with one of the SPF's poster officers.
First photo of myself in full SPF uniform
Well, I'd like to end my post by sharing with you my first ever photo in the police uniform. I have to say, I look really awkward and fat here. Damnit... ~~Setia dan Bakti

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