Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Famous People I've met... So Far 2

Link to part 1 here.

Over these past few months I've met another "fair share" of famous people. Haha... Guess I'm just super lucky being at the right place a the right time.

Me and Sergeant Victoria Hay
If you don't know who she is, she's actually the "poster girl" for the Singapore Police Force. I met her while she was at the 2016 Police Roadshow at Toa Payoh. Spotted her among the crown and heck, I though this was my chance. Oh and by the way, please excuse my messy hair.
Me and Alias Kadir
Alias Kadir was at a wedding of my ex-fiancee's cousin. Apparently his company was the DJ for the wedding and he was there with his entourage. With the help of my ex-fiancee, whom she nicely asked him for his permission, he happily obliged and she helped snapped the photo for us.
Me and actor, Jerry Hoh
While helping a friend act and assisting as the production crew of his short film, he had invite a local actor to act in his film. Jerry was a very nice guy and a great actor!
Me and Dr. Chee Soon Juan
The above pic was taken during the 2016 Bukit Batok by-election during a walkabout at a coffee shop. I was working night shift the day before and decided to seek him out after that (Which probably explains my tired face).
Me and Member of Parliament, Yaacob Ibrahim
I had the chance to attend a Mendaki Hari Raya event at the Central Shopping Mall. The guest of honor, Minister for Communications and Information, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs and Minister in charge of Cyber Security, Yaacob Ibrahim was in attendance.

Well, hopefully, there will be a "part 3" to this article series. 

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