Monday, June 5, 2017

Police Day Observance Ceremony 2017

Traffic police pallbearers carrying the casket out of Masjid Al-Khair.
This post is dedicated to SSGT T09574 Nadzrie Matin, a Traffic Police officer who passed on in the line of duty on 1st June 2017 due to a road traffic accident.
The Thin Blue Line Singapore used to commemorate a passing of a fallen officer
In a sad twist, the Thin Blue Line Singapore Symbol, created by me months back as a morale booster for serving police officers; became a symbol of tribute and commemoration to the late Nadzrie Matin on social media. I personally wanna thank everyone who has used the symbol as a tribute to him.

Police Day Observance Ceremony 2017

Me at HTA after the ceremony.
I was fortunate and blessed (Though some may think I'm crazy) that I was given the opportunity to represent my unit, VSC, for pledge taking and the fallen officer's tribute during the 2017 Police Day Observance Ceremony.
All formed up on the stage of Harmony Hall during rehearsals.
And later the photo taking.
Before the ceremony itself, we were given scheduled rehearsals four days before. The 1st one was on the 30th. We were then given a day off on May 31st. That was when the significance of the ceremony was heightened.

The death of SSGT Nadzrie Matin in the morning changed the mood. Despite this, life still goes on with the rehearsals conducted in the afternoon; and an additional component was added to the tribute, "Going Home" played on bagpipes for SSGT Nadzrie.

After the rehearsal, I went down to the mosque and funeral. It was a sad moment for those who were there. Despite not personally knowing SSGT Nadzrie, we mourn for his loss and passing.

The day has arrived. As rehearsed, we were ushered on stage. With the Malay military command, "Kumpulan, Taat Setia!",  the Commissioner of Police, Hoong Wee Teck lead us in the recitation of the police pledge, representing the continued commitment to our country.

Next, the tribute part, with the command "Penyampai Ihram, Tunduk!" We bowed our heads, "Saving Grace" and "Going Home" was being played. I almost came close to tears.
Fadil, representing A Div, myself and a VC.
Flanked by the mighty Gurkhas. Rare shot!
Senior FI SSI Majid, Fadil and Myself.
Props to SSI Majid for coordinating and training us during our rehearsals. He's actually a nice guy despite his no nonsense appearance.
Myself with the representative of SPF band and Traffic.
Me and Dayah!!
And also reunited with an old friend, Dayah after sooo long.

Thru this ceremony, I have made a lot of wonderful people and became friends with them. Thanks for the photos and memories!

Thin Blue Line Singapore Symbol

This part was typed out before the death of SSGT Nadzrie Matin.
The Thin Blue Line Symbol
The Thin Blue Line symbol is an unofficial symbol for law enforcement and is widely used of police forces all around the western world, particularly in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. There is also a small usage of symbol in Australia and Philippines.


Thin Blue Line on flag patches.
The Thin Blue Line is usually a darken black and white version of country's state flag with a blue line superimposed across its center. The idea is that the top half represents the civilians, the bottom represents the criminals and the blue line itself is the police. The police have a duty to remain impartial to the wrongdoers until proven guilty while protecting the innocent. The respective country's flag is to commemorate the particular country's police force itself, with it being grayscaled to express a solemn and unfortunate event.

Collectively, the symbol is used to commemorate fallen officers who died in the line of duty. It is also used by police officers and supporters of the police as a morale booster against the negativity while officers are performing their duties.

Thin Blue Line SG

Thin Blue Line Singapore
In Singapore, despite our officers having a good and clean reputation, they are still not given the due respect. The Singapore Police Force also has a high turnover rate due to the overworked and overstretched workloads that is required of them while serving.
The Thin Blue Line SG patch on the SPF uniform.
Thus, the Singaporean version of the Thin Blue Line symbol serves as a morale booster for officers that remind them of the sacrifice and the nature of their duty for the greater good.

SPF Variation of Thin Blue Line Symbol

Singapore Police Force Thin Blue Line variation.
Given the nature and strictness of the Singapore state flag and also the Singapore Police Force's guidelines of its logos and crest, I've designed a variation of the Thin Blue Line symbol that was inspired by the SPF secondary graphics; compromising of the chevrons with the thin blue line cutting across in between.

As shown in the above photo, we had used this for our intake shirts in place of the police crest due to the strict guidelines of wearing or displaying any police related logos when in public.

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